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Running on an Intel 8080 processor, the build-it-yourself Altair 8800 began the PC revolution 30 yrs ago today! #TBT
Skip the hardware store and make your own holiday lights using Intel Edison. Here's how:
Can you spot the dog & alien? See what else you’ll find with #RealSense:
Put a little more flip in your holiday. Your fingers will thank you. @lenovo #2in1
Watch two images become a 3D trick. Check out #RealSense & more optical illusions: #mindblown
A TV for every room or a TV for any room? Watch wherever with an
Get down to the nuts and bolts. #maker @microsoftstore #surfacepro #2in1
It’s all fun and games when Jim learns he can control devices with hand gestures. #WhatsNext
From traffic-avoidance to creating water, here are 5 new technologies for bicyclists: #iQ
Playlist loaded, @RunKeeper engaged, and heart rate increasing. Let the countdown begin - @SMSAudio #BioSport
Eddie Redmayne visited our labs to learn about the technology that helps #KeepHawkingTalking:
Collect your thoughts. @microsoft #brainstorm #tech
With tech that changes focus later, your pics are safe from photobombers. Almost. #WhatsNext
See hypnotic effects when these patterns cross & check out RealSense to have your #mindblown.
Towering above stock parts. By @twitchtv user zoson_TV #gaming #tech #inside
These new tech advances inject hope for diabetes prevention and treatment: #DiabetesAwareness
Wave hello to the near future: controlling your devices with gestures. Get ready. #WhatsNext
Farm to table to tablet. @acerofficial #inteltablets
Special thanks to all the #Esports fans out there! We can't do #IEM without you! The event was a blast!
Congrats to @CJentushero #IEM San Jose @StarCraft champion! Awesome match! ✨🏆✨
Congratulations to #Cloud9 #IEM San Jose #LeagueOfLegends champions! What an amazing game! ✨🏆✨
Congrats to @Cloud9gg #IEM San Jose #LeagueOfLegends champions! What an awesome performance! ✨🏆✨
The picks locked in and we are set to start game one of our best of five grand finals! #IEM
The final semi-finalist! @EGJaedong comes out on top after an intense series! What amazing @StarCraft! #IEM
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