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“Overclockers can have their way” says @tomshardware of new Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition:
Happy Birthday to Andrew Grove, our former CEO and member of the Intel "Trinity".
Game, set and match. Intel processors are powering championship-caliber tablets.
Water plus a very thin layer of oil produces this familiar #rainbow array. But #didyouknow the oil layer need only be a molecule thick for these colors to appear?
Hotdogs consumed between Memorial and Labor Day=7 billion. Transistors made within one second=7 billion. #Dothemath
What you see depends on how closely you look. @HP #macro
Ever feel like something is missing from your life? Are you ready to find out? #IFA2014
"We’re in the Wild West of the X99 platform," says @Forbes of our release. Read the review:
Learn why @tomshardware is calling the Core i7-5960X “an eight-core beast”:
Via @WSJD: Intel Moves to Excite Extreme PC Speed Freaks
Intel is giving gaming desktops a boost with Haswell-E
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Intel turns its attention to desktop performance, unveils 8-core Haswell-E processor by @BrowniesHQ
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Unlocked and Overclocked! Dominate with the new Intel® Core™ i7 High End Desktop processor:
Works like magic, runs like Intel. #intelinside #macro
Intel tech helped add some magic to 'How Train Your Dragon 2': @DWAnimation
Introduce championship-caliber performance to your gameplan.
BYOB = Build your own bot? Make dreams reality with the upcoming #Edison-powered robot kit.
Tell your story your way with a #2in1.
10 Finalists, $500,000, Only 1 Make it Wearable challenge winner. Who will it be?
Around here, it can be a bit tough figuring out who is who. #sciencelife #bunnysuit #fablife #tbt #throwbackthursday
Do you flashback to 1996 Internet speeds when you see a snail crawl? #TechTruth #TBT
Is your Intel-powered tablet the secret to a longer, healthier life?
What's more important in a college student's life, #coffee or #wifi?
It seems like sci-fi, but Edison-powered DIY robots are coming this fall.
#DidYouKnow bioluminescence in fireflies is 96% efficient? Incandescent bulbs are only 10% efficient.
15 DOs And DON’Ts Of Using A Tablet
Power to bring your story to life. #2in1
15 Things We Did At School That Future Students Will Never Understand:
Looking inside. #NYCResistor #maker #DIY
RT @Kimsstevenson: Technology is causing a racket in tennis via @USATODAY - More reason to tune into the #USOpen2014
Battery life, one of the biggest problems in wearables, solved with #intelxsms smart earbuds:
The engineering challenge of #intelxsms fitness headphones: draw power and transfer data through an audio jack.
"No pesky wristable to strap on or charge" @carmeloanthony praises #intelxsms fitness earbuds:
We continue to strive for tech that is “invisible.” More on our new fitness headphones via @CNET: #intelxsms
What path does the point on a round object follow when it rolls in a straight line? Here’s one answer:
“Getting real-time heart rate feedback … from the in-ear headset ... is a huge advantage,” @TechCrunch on #intelxsms:
Tech tools are helping smokers kick the habit once and for all. Find out how: #QuitSmoking
Think you have writer’s block? Daniel Benmergui is creating an app with potentially infinite story arcs:
Our modern spin on the suit and tie. #sciencelife #bunnysuit #tbt #throwbackthursday
Up your game with an Intel-powered tablet. #basketball #IntelTablets
Headphones that measure heart rate & sync with @RunKeeper? @Gizmodo has details: #intelxsms
What will smart, connected cities look like? Here's a glimpse of the future.
Intel's partnership with the Caterham F1 racing team uses big data to achieve big speed.
Go behind the game and discover your brain on #Tetris:
Check out SMSaudio's new bio sport ear buds. powered by Intel
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Smart roads and sensors in cities are just some ideas for the SmartAmerica Challenge. Learn more: #IoT
Our atmosphere refracts light about 0.6 degrees. When you see the sun setting at the edge of the horizon, technically it’s already set. #sciencesnap #didyouknow #sunset
Find out how two game designers brought “Logan’s Run” to life: #LARP