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Chin Soon Sun
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Thanks @kochmedia_es for this!! Love you Pepo xoxo
Finally something decent opened in Letchworth!
I love licking a fuck.
#amici #mioragazzo
Can someone tell me what is thisss? #innocent
Love #Vietnamese foods! Thanks @RolliciousFood #yummy
@RolliciousFood: @inspchin @SarahCorvis @_kolo thank you guys, hope you enjoyed our food!” -- WE LOVE IT! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mi piace il cibo Vietnamita @RolliciousFood. ❤️❤️
Mi piace il cibo Vietnamita @RolliciousFood. ❤️❤️
#Arnosurge patch is coming. I think it's the first time ever for Gust to do this. Thanks to #KTfamily for the help ❤️
If you like us to do more #DiscoverJapan tweets in related to #SW4, let us know. Here's Odawara Castle. :) #KTfamily
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Hey @inspchin - thought you should know, loads of KT games up for our GOTY voting this year!… Pls let the family know!
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@ICronyI: @inspchin Also, for Edouard, it's "haute classe", not "haute casse", otherwise it seems good.” -- Thank you!!
@Ochibi_94: @inspchin "Elle s'est" not "Elle s'estn" for Jeanne. But the translation is correct !” -- Merci beaucoup !! ❤️❤️
Any French #KTfamily online here? Can you help me to see if these 2 translations are correct? Thank you!
For the sake of answering repeating questions, I created this for #KTfamily. Save this pocket calendar please! LUV U.
It made me realize how much or little I got educated from playing Koei games by just seeing this Japan travel guide!
Also, from #SW4 Chronicle Mode, now I can easily recognize the region of Kyushu, Shikoku, Chugoku, Kinki, Kanto, etc. I'm loving it! <3
Although it's not 100% accurate, I always learned some good history from Koei games, 3 kingdoms, sengoku & the hundred years' war. #KTfamily
Two minute silence. 11/11 11:11 #RemembranceDay
You can now see Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War archive and Bladestorm: Nightmare landing page here: #KTfamily
I always carry my documents around using this folder. Lol such a fanboy! #SW4 #KTfamily
Here's our Q1 2015 releases. We'll confirm the date for Bladestorm: Nightmare and Toukiden Kiwami soon. #KTfamily
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@Chille_UK: @inspchin but what can we get you for christmas? x” -- Just be good haha!
Not just codes, I'll also pack some of these 4you. As long as #KTfamily respects & loves each other, I'll do my best!
#KTfamily your opinion please? I'm currently putting some Xmas gift together for you. Are these good? Any additions?
It's another #KTfamily #PSVita year next year! If you don't have one, hint someone to get it for you this Christmas, or even better, a #PS4!
Hello hello! Do you know any good mobile/tablet sites which are user-friendly fast loading and easy accessible. I need few examples. Thanks!
I'm not an asshole. I just know how to stay in control.
Such a beautiful masterpiece! Those vocals at the background made me cry. #KTfamily #SW4
1 carrot, 2 oranges, 3 apples blended. Can't wait to drink it tomorrow at work! 😆
#Poppy #RemembranceDay #1111
#Rojak #vegetarian #salad
What I like to do these days..
@CrusaderOOO: Me when @inspchin posts:” -- Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️
Think I did it pretty good.
@BigShellEvent: @inspchin !!!! so it is confirmed for English?” -- Yes. Here!
Wow I didn't know you can open Atelier Shallie website on iPhone and let the song play at the background when browsing other apps! #KTfamily
I never had this problem but seriously SW4 is way too good that now I find it difficult to promote DW8E because SW4 is SO SO GOOD! #KTfamily
I'm so glad the #Atelier Shallie page has gone live. This is looking like the best one yet.
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