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Chin Soon Sun
Gameplay is the same as Bladestorm but now you can switch your troops. Man, this is looking really good! #KTfamily
Played Bladestorm Nightmare TGS demo. I love that now you can control not just your character but also well known officers like Joan of Arc!
Thanks Alex for the gift!!
Fortune smiles upon me.
EGX: The Journey of a Cosplayer with @LauraSindall - a fan of yours since day 1. #KTfamily #ateliergames
Are your PS4 Trophies syncing now for #WO3U? I heard it's ok now? #KTfamily
Thanks for the replies! The #DW8 Xbox 360 copies are on your way. @TorressssssGOAL @hazzaman123 @TanikoHorigome (CC @Mrs__Rina) #KTfamily
We have 3 #DW8 X360 here. NEW but the box is broken. If you want, lemme know. Otherwise they go to the bin. #KTfamily
If you're stressed, you can unleash it by doing cardio and the weights, definitely not all over the World Wide Web.
Stress causes anger, anger is the source of mistakes.
I love my #KTfamily if I could do more I would. This is a step that I hope I can continue doing this project with you
You can now watch the #Arnosurge live stream that we did today here in HD. [may contain spoiler] - Thanks! #KTfamily
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My current wallpaper. So glorious!
This game looks beautiful, also a little scary.
I'm just throwing it out there that @inspchin's sexiness knows no relationship boundaries. It's free game for everyone! <3
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The joy of being single again is when your friends (@inspchin for example) say you make them horny without any jealousy crisis...
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Let us train hard and flood the Internet with nudes!
In this life, we always look for acceptance because it's within our comfort zone. But no matter who you are, love but not betray yourself.
I still remember the night I came out to my mum. I was crying so hard. Well, we both were but she said she still loves me the same.
Also to bitches who said the graphic looks like PS2 you obviously watched it in 360p. Otherwise your eyes were filled with tons of shit.
Bitches who complained the AI didn't attack SW4 gameplay, it's a combat video to show character moveset. Wait until you see the live stream.
I love PS4 more than PS3, finally.
Samurai Warriors 4’s character roster revealed in full: Hits PS3, PS4 & Vita on 24/10
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They keep fighting on my feeds. So.... Amazon or ShopTo?
I'm scheduling the #SW4 live stream (October) to show you the key features of the game. I may even pick #KTfamily members to get customized.
In my opinion, #WO3U looks best on PS Vita and #SW4 looks best on PS4. #KTfamily
Check out the PS4 gameplay video of SAMURAI WARRIORS 4. - More details coming at 2PM BST today! #SW4 #KTfamily
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I GOT THE PERMISSION TO SHOW EARLIER. Check out #SW4 gameplay video I put together in the past few days! <3 #KTfamily
I couldn't sleep last night because I cannot wait to go to the office and work today lmao. #anothersleeplessnight #excitement
@Maxou_addict: @inspchin which one it is? Tokugawa? Tadakatsu honda thème?” -- haha you'll see (if it's approved).
I spent almost 3 days for making it!! Hope #KTfamily like it I'm excited and nervous at the same time. #SW4
It's 4 minutes showing 12 new characters of combo attacks with the BGM that #KTfamily most favorited. Can't wait to show, it's full of love!
Tomorrow #SW4 gameplay is the first ever b-roll video I put together in the office of UK because the team in JP is busy for TGS. #KTfamily
What a babe! #SW4 #KTfamily
Tomorrow you'll get to see the 4 minute #SW4 PS4 gameplay I put together for you. #KTfamily
I love training and traveling, definitely not a fucking trolling.
Everyday I just can't wait to go home and play my Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. Running low on Gems now. Any tips to get more? #WO3U #KTfamily
#spanish #dessert #foodporn
@Ichikyo57: Chin has defeated an enemy general like a samurai #PS4share” -- I love to be able to upload the avatar!!