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In desperate need of a haircut mannnnnnnnn.
Anybody want to do anything tomorrow?
Family Guy and American Dad! Awww yeah!
Sometimes when you try to hard to hold onto something, you're just pushing it further away...
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The sky is yellow!
I only use Skype to talk to people. I never use cam...
I'm fat because I eat when I'm bored, and I'm always bored, therefore I always eat. Ongoing dilemma that has resulted in obesity.
Rain, thunder and lightning.
Why is a fly called a fly?
I need money, not a job.
Big-ass moth just flew into my face. Ew.
I really need something to do...
I stopped speaking to you ages ago why are you trying to speak to me again,fuck off! 👋
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My sleeping pattern is more fucked than Neil's Dad's arsehole.
Stupid insects, man!
I have too much to think about and I can't cope.
American Dad's where it's at.
Celebrity juice is so funny aha
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Noisestorm - Solar
Dead by April - Freeze Frame
Follow @TeriDudleyy - she's beautiful and amazing :)
Tonight's gonna be mad!
Cannot wait until Thursday.
if this fly doesn't fuck off I'm gonna make it pay rent
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Never will I ever be too old to watch Monsters University. Speaking of which, I'm going out in a bit to do just that.
"If I was a font, I'd be Comic Sans. You are so Times New Roman." - Bad Education
Does anybody else crawl up the stairs on all fours?
"McDonald's is disgusting!" said no one ever
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The joys of staying in all day.
Hearing the rain outside is peaceful.
Without bad experiences, you won't appreciate how much life shouldn't be taken for granted.
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"Hey" is a much greater conversation-starter than "hi".