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Insomniac Games
Here's a behind the scenes look at @SunsetOverdrive coming Oct 28th to an Xbox One near you (and 7 of your friends).…
"How many heads does the gun hold?" My favorite email question of the day for @SunsetOverdrive
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Shoot us your Sunset Overdrive questions for future Sunset TV's! Brandon feeds of your inquisitions. He'll be a Doctor Who villain one day.
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4Kim says watch the new @SunsetOverdrive TV or face the wrath of her knife/coil/stick...thing…
Best way to spend your Friday night? Catch up on the latest @SunsetOverdrive TV about advanced traversal moves. Duh.…
Looks like @Xbox is using my likeness to sell Xbox One's now. Soon, I'll be the mascot of your entire life. And death
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New @SlowDownBull Devstream starts now! Discussing music comp and naming the bullcatcher!
We know that this industry can go through rough times, but in the end we do it because we love laughing, learning, & growing with you. :)
Thank y'all so much for the #welovegamedevs mentions. Just know that your passion and support always, ALWAYS keeps us doing what we love. <3
Seeing the awesome tweets to us hashtagged #welovegamedevs is humbling & inspiring. Thank you all, so much. #welovegamefans
Capes. Capes that billow. That's right. Bill. O. Wing. Capes. We've got em' and you can watch them in action. @Xbox…
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Interested in @SunsetOverdrive?You should really watch the latest SunsetTV to check out new advanced traversal moves…
New @SunsetOverdrive TV. Advanced Traversal Moves revealed,lifesize weapons & BILLOWING CAPES!…
#SunsetOverdrive will be at #PAXPrime next week. Will you be?
Hey! Internet! Tell Cory how wrong he is about #GuardiansoftheGalaxy. Also, new #SunsetTV drops tomorrow, so stay tuned! #SunsetOverdrive #XboxOne #CoryisIncorrect #GetYourPitchforks #JustKidding #WeLoveCory
Another @SlowDownBull stream will be happening on Fri @ 2 PM PDT, until then, here's a new post from @Wertle!
So you'll be able to take your photo with a real life High Fidelity weapon at PAX thanks to Volpin Props!…
Now that Gamescom's done, simmer down with this week's Sunset TV. Enjoy the new footage & info about the Fizzco bots!
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THAT'S IT. We're all done! Thanks #gamescom2014 for an awesome ride! Now, we go home & get ready for PAX!
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Thanks again to the #ILoveDust guys for the badass #SunsetCity mural. It looks amazing! #sunsetoverdrive (@ilovedust) #XboxGamescom #gamescom #XboxOne Hope everyone had an awesome Gamescom! We sure did!
Playing #SunsetOverdrive is serious business, no matter who is watching. #Gamescom #Xbox #ProPlayer
Because this shot accurately describes us, if you're here at #Gamescom and stop by the #Xbox booth to play #SunsetOverdrive, a rad hat could be yours. #bringuspretzels
I just pre-orded Sunset Overdrive @igTedPrice @SunsetOverdrive @insomniacgames it's gonna be an awesome 28 october
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New installment of @SunsetOverdrive's Before Sunset blog series is up. We talk w/ Lead Project Manager Bryan Intihar.…
Come to the #Xbox booth at #Gamescom, play #sunsetoverdrive, get a rad #SunsetCity hat.* *cat ears not included #Gamescom2014
#PerfectPose #GreetingsfromGamescom #SunsetOverdrive #Xbox #XboxOne #AllUrHashtags
#Gamescom has been pretty busy for us! Stop by the #Xbox booth and bask in the madness.