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Insomniac Games
I want to thank @insomniacgames for including gore & language filters in Sunset Overdrive. Definitely going to pick it up now. :)
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Interesting to see people talking about "repetitive missions" in Sunset Overdrive. My takeaway was that they were surprisingly varied.
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Sunset Overdrive feels like I died & woke up in a world where the Dreamcast beat the PS2 & Jet Set Radio & Crazy Taxi were AAA top sellers.
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The folks @TIME Magazine give @SunsetOverdrive a 5/5 - "a lot more than just Ratchet & Clank for grown-ups":…
We lied, one more you should read. - @kobunheat's review for @WIRED:…
Overnight reviews started hitting for @SunsetOverdrive. A few highlights: @IGN gave it a 9/10:…
@insomniacgames played your game a couple days early at the bx on kadena air base. It's so fun bought a copy! You guys killed it!
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Thanks to everyone tweeting about Sunset Overdrive right now and getting it trending in the USA!!! @SunsetOverdrive
Wired has a great review of @SunsetOverdrive:… - "a great reason to go buy an Xbox One."
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Rev3Games says @SunsetOverdrive is a "must have" if you own an Xbox One:…
@igTedPrice @Xbox @insomniacgames @SunsetOverdrive The only thing behind my toothy smile is Helium, Ted! 18 on the Periodic Table! #Science
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RE: the Sunset Xbox/PC ad: It is inaccurate. This was a simple mistake and the team is aware/addressing. We apologize for any confusion!
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@FizzieSays @Xbox @insomniacgames @SunsetOverdrive Fizzie, I've seen the real you. Something very dark hides behind that toothy smile...
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Send $ our way for #ExtraLife2014 & the Team Insomniac stream team! Watch us live on Twitch!
Donate to our #ExtraLife2014 Team Insomniac stream team! Watch us live too on Twitch!
We're participating in #ExtraLife2014 & we need donations! We're also livestreaming our marathon from Insomniac!
@insomniacgames thank you for being the first game all about FUN and being yourself. Thank you dev team and everyone for the hard work.
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REMINDER: No @SlowDownBull stream today, BUT here's a new blog post from @Wertle! #Gamedev
Miss yesterday's Sunset TV? Then you missed all new info on how Sunset Overdrive keeps you coming back for more!…
Don't miss the new Sunset TV! It details the rad dynamic music system we have in the game. Also, it has virtual hugs.
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We broadcasted some 8-player co-op footage of @SunsetOverdrive today. See a pro playing with Air Dash and more:…
Aww, yiss. That’s some pretty fire. And there’s more to burn at Walter’s Workshop:
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Final Sunset TV?! Watch today's episode to find out & discover the game's dynamic music system…
We're participating in #ExtraLife2014 & we need donations! We'll also be livestreaming our marathon from Insomniac!
Kotaku Australia covers one of the key inspirations of @SunsetOverdrive "What if Iggy Pop was in the apocalypse?"…
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We still love you @FizzieSays, even if you don’t love us back. #internethug #WeWillBeNice
Sorry about that everyone. Our interactive marketing balloon @FizzieSays wants more followers and stole our password.
.@FizzieSays touch your toes if your Twitter account was hacked by your own Interactive Marketing Balloon!!!
We wanna see how you're preparing for the launch of #SunsetOverdrive - tweet us pics, stories, clever jokes, songs, whatever!
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