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TJ Cooper
People in glass houses should invest in blinds
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Who's Got $10 mil bucks to throw away?- Anybody? Nope me either...solid tips to keep you outta trouble TY @dottotech
I want access to the class. Let me in or else! via @noahkagan
Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Advertise In Traffic Exchanges
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Awesome post by @oligardner on about landing page optimization…
BREAKING NEWS: CA Gun Control Advocate Senator Leland Yee Arrested for Bribery and Corruption #guncontrol #
Bad times make you appreciate the good times.
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I wonder how many retweets this real hero can get?
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Now this is turkey hunting...Freakin awesome...WARNING: dead gobbler ahead… You Gotta See This!
Oh yeah...That feels goooood :)
A 99 year old great grandfather and 1 year old grandson...So cute.
The one word that best describes my workday today is ___________.
Glow Worm Cave, located in Waitomo New Zealand...Absolutely Breathtaking #earthpornalert
I'm loving this dogs ingenuity
Who can guess what this is?
By far the craziest thing I've seen all day....
For those of you who live in the US...Did you have an amazing day?! Grab a pen and write in your journal one...
This was too cute not to share...
Quit possibly the most vicious animal on the planet...hide your kids this could get crazy!
This moment was almost magical...Almost. There's always something.
How a 3 year old pictures commitment...
Creepiest craisglist posting ever...yay or nay?
Art and why nobody does it better then good'ol mother nature...Brilliant!
What do you do win you think things can get any worse and they do? You dig in and win! Way to be awesome my...
Caption this...I'll start: First Giraffe: Hey mane, I thought you said that this was a lion free zone...Then...
Believe this or not I actually tried this on my wife and go the same result =(
As you all know today is Feb. 28th & where I'm from that's national pancake eating day, so I thought it might be...
FYI: One little-known way to get boys to wash their hands: Put Lego pieces in their soap dispenser to make it...
Who's awesome...No, no...You're Awesome!
I posted a new photo to Facebook
These 10 videos will make you pee your pants, especially number 1 I know I did - You've been warned......
The surprising history of the to-do list and how to design one that actually works via Buffer
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Success isnt permanent, and failure isnt fatal. Mike Ditka
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