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Mike Flaminio
questionable ad placement (via Reddit)
Verizon Plans, Windows 10, Apple QA, plus much more: via @YouTube
Live @ 9:15 ET - Verizon contracts & plans, Camera Roll to Return? Plus more -…
Podcasting tonight. 9 PM ET.
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Four Roses Small Batch – Review #51
Me too RT @Ravens: Harbaugh on Michigan rumors: "I'm interested in Brady Hoke being the head coach at Michigan for a long time to come."
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Last Night's Podcast: Thoughts on iPhone 6/6+, Hot Thighs and Tights Pants, What's Wrong with iPhone Lines - YouTube
My iPhone 6 Plus is two days old and it’s already bent. Has anyone else had this issue after leaving their phone on train tracks overnight?
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Thoughts on iPhone 6/6+, Hot Thighs and Tights Pants, What's Wrong with iPhone Lines: via @YouTube
Thanks for everyone in the chat for tonight’s show. Everything is uploading now.
Live! iPhone 6/6+ Thoughts, Bending for Dollars, Mafia iPhone Lines - YouTube
OK, we’re live and spinning up
Live @ 9 PM ET - iPhone 6/6+, Bending for Dollars, Mafia iPhone Lines - YouTube
Podcasting tonight. Live 9 PM ET
iPhone 6 Plus repair kit (via reddit)
FYI: this week’s Podcast pushed up to tonight.
Banana gate. “Video demonstrates reported banana bending issues”…
I just held someone’s iPhone 4s. LOL.
@insanely_great I have had a Pop Tart in my back pocket all day. Just opened it and it's nothing but crumbs!!!! Pop Tart Gate 2014!!!
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If you want to impress me you need to bend two iPhones at the same time. (Srsly is this going to be a thing now?)
When you take exactly the same photo with every model of iPhone, how do they compare?…
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You know, if your phones bends in your pocket, I think your pants are too tight. Ha
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Video from last night: How to get photos on to iOS 8 iCloud Photo Library with PhotoSync -
How to get photos on to iOS 8 iCloud Photo Library with PhotoSync - YouTube
How to get photos onto new iCloud Photo Library with PhotoSync: via @YouTube
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This is depressing. RT: Black Market Takes Over the iPhone 6 Lines…
Tested out VoLTE with @igmbrian on Verizon. Sounds great. Basically sounds like FaceTime.
The fit and finish on the new iPhones are pretty impressive. Curved glass edges meeting metal is kind of crazy. Buttons feel great too.
HiRise and iPhone 6 Plus works (and looks) fantastic! get yours here:
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Or at least the 6+ doesn’t do anything for me to make me jump through hoops to get one
Went and checked out the 6+. I’d be OK with that size. Not as big of a deal as I thought. Still think I prefer the regular 6 though.
iCloud restore is taking forever. Seems there’s long periods of it not progressing. It’s still good to do this at home w/ a computer
Oooh I get another row of apps. That's with the upgrade right there. 😉
I always said I’d love an iPhone as thin as the iPod touch. iPhone 6 is 1.5mm closer and 0.8mm to go.