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Mike Flaminio
The fit and finish on the new iPhones are pretty impressive. Curved glass edges meeting metal is kind of crazy. Buttons feel great too.
HiRise and iPhone 6 Plus works (and looks) fantastic! get yours here:
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Or at least the 6+ doesn’t do anything for me to make me jump through hoops to get one
Went and checked out the 6+. I’d be OK with that size. Not as big of a deal as I thought. Still think I prefer the regular 6 though.
iCloud restore is taking forever. Seems there’s long periods of it not progressing. It’s still good to do this at home w/ a computer
Oooh I get another row of apps. That's with the upgrade right there. 😉
I always said I’d love an iPhone as thin as the iPod touch. iPhone 6 is 1.5mm closer and 0.8mm to go.
First thoughts: New location of power button will be a bit of an adjustment for me. 6 is noticeably bigger and thinner
Holding at UPS worked well. Walked in at 9 when they opened. Only three people in line. In/out in less than 10 minutes.
iPhone pre-orders, iOS 8, Tim Cook Interview + More: via @YouTube
Thanks to everyone who joined in the chat guys. Archive is uploading right now.
Live! - iPhone pre-orders, iOS 8, Tim Cook Interview + More…
going live in about 15 minutes or so -…
Cool collections of apps using new iOS 8 features in the App Store app
Podcasting tonight! 9 PM ET
I requested UPS hold my phone for pickup. We’ll see how that goes and whether I can grab it earlier.
Anyone get the Apple TV peer to peer thing going?
If you’re looking to load up new iPhone, 25% off iTunes cards ($100 for $75)
I’m such a nerd these updates are like Christmas. :)
Evernote supports TouchID + share extension…
Pocket update also lets you save pages via Safari share.
TouchID and iPassword is very awesome. Now I wish I had TouchID on the Mac…
New Post: iPassword 5 now available for iOS w/ extensions, touch ID support | IGM
And here comes the torrent of app updates. 1Password 5 is there, which is the one that matters the most.
iOS 8 has happened. Been using the GM the past week with good results.
That seems a 180 from Jobs, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
Watching Cook interview, I think he’s is most genuine/comfortable/passionate talking leadership and customers. Less talking about products…
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New Post: Apple posts Android switcher guide | IGM
More exciting? iOS 8 or app updates with iOS 8 compatibility/features?
Phone # will be the primary # under Payment Information on the Apple Store Account Settings. Not necessarily the line # for the new phone.
That’s assuming yours is shipping via UPS. Some may be going FedEx.
For those looking for iPhone tracking #s. Use the UPS reference trick. Put in the phone number on your Apple account.
From the iPhone preorder… I might need to set aside some time for my response.
New Post: Charlie Rose Tim Cook Interview | IGM
Best deal with Edge seems to be to pay nothing down and upgrade every 12 mos. Small loss there and gets worse month by month.
Has anyone ran the numbers on Verizon Edge and found it a good deal? Seems crazy you basically pay for your phone AND they keep it.
New Post: 4 million iPhone orders in first day, up from 2 million for iPhone 5 | IGM
via reddit: “What I think when I hear about a new iPhone being released.”
iOS 8 GM battery life is much better today after kicking rouge apps yesterday. Seems actually better than iOS 7, at least for today.
I wish carrier upgrades were just tied to accounts instead of lines. It would save the hassle of swapping phones/numbers.
Last night's podcast: iPhone 6, Watch, Apple Pay, etc, etc - YouTube