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Trying to change how you feel by changing your thinking is like trying to change the sun by holding an umbrella.
Fear and threat makes us stupid. Coping just perpetuates the stupidity. The antidote is to learn something new about that which you fear.
Nothing will change until you do. You have to be willing to give up who you are for who you are going to become...
Thoughts are only echoes of your feelings. Without feelings, there are no thoughts. So don't change your thoughts, change your feelings.
What are your barriers to willingness?
Think something could be placebo? A better question might be: What isn't placebo?
Objectivity is subjective
When you want what someone else has, their pain lights up the pleasure centers in your brain.
Mindsets are contagious. Sometimes a perceived threat isn't our own, it's a threat that we were infected with. By a parent, for example...
I think that people are not born analytical. They learn to be analytical as a threat prevention strategy.
The more analytical you are, the more negative and self-centered you tend to be.
"Happiness" and "Success" tend to be mutually exclusive.
You have to know enough to know that you don't know. Otherwise, you just don't know that you don't know.
It's not if something is true or not that matters. It's whether or not it's true enough to be useful.
Whether or not you can win doesn't matter. It's useful and necessary to believe that you can.
don't play not to lose, play to win!
objectivity is subjective
Your brain can't tell the difference between reality and imagination, because your brain imagines your reality...
#yyctraffic fire truck blocking left hand turn from glenmore to # 8
wb glenmore before crowchild car crash. police and fire on scene. restricted to 2 left lanes. #yyctraffic
Workers who have been diagnosed with depression miss a collective 68 million extra days of work annually.
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Hypnosis Doubles In-Vitro Fertilization Success :: BBC News
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Volunteers band together to help those affected by the flood. Thank you Calgary! #yycflood
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Traffic Update: Deerfoot Trail NB and SB are now open. #yycflood
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Want to stay motivated and positive? Know about the bad, but look for the good. #yyc #hypnosis