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Sunny J
Can't believe Liz is going to officially be part of the family this weekend! I'm so stoked not to be the ONLY blonde #BlondeSheepsOfTheFamily #MukherjeeTiedtkeWedding
Gretchen Wieners and Eliza Thornberry are played by the same person. Consider my world rocked.
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I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.
I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.
Wow emotions today. I don't like this shit
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The first thing I do when I get back to my room is take off my pants.
People who bite ice cream scare the shit outta me.
Mom's last night in Boston, so I took her to the Top of the Hub to see the city! #52FloorsUp
This was a thing.
Also, I talked with mom's new boyfriend and referred to him as "dad". That was awkward.
Totally called my "father" last night on the phone and told him that he was an asshole. That's the first contact we've had in over a year.
Casually taking tequila shots with my mom on a Monday night.
Introduced mom to the Monday night tradition. #MondaysAreHard #DrinkUp
Happy 5th birthday, Punkin'! Where has all of the time gone? I feel like yesterday I was holding you for the first time. You looked up at me with those gorgeous brown eyes and I remember falling in love with you at that first moment. You are the reason I wake up every morning and why I work so hard
Hoochie Mama's first subway ride!
Mom's first time at Bova's & my first time going there sober.
A Poptart won't convert you to Christianity
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Mom & the D2 Crew. #Mischief #NoirMob #MyMomIsMoreRadThanYours
MY MOMMY IS FINALLY IN BOSTON!!!!!! Let the shit show begin ♡
High-5 with the bestie #NoirMob #TerrorSquad #CantStopSinning #WePukeOnFoundingFathers
D2 Crew heading to Worcester!
Let’s talk about the universe and make out.
I just gave the sassiest presentation of my life.
I wanna see Faris spank Jared.
Why would I wear more than one hat?
We were all having a rough day so our boyfriend, @apl_a_day brought us chocolate & Cokes. I now have all of the feels. #YesWeAllShareABoyfriend #HesActuallyPerfect #NoNewFriends
Awkward prom picture with Ry 💕
Round 2 with these hoodrats. #NoirMob #Mischief
"you are what you eat" i don’t remember eating a huge disappointment
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Dunking Oreos into my beer at the bar is probably both the fattest as well as the most alcoholic thing I've ever done.
Sometimes I have beer, Oreos, and donuts for dinner.
Sometimes my bestie @nptdurant and I have beer & Oreos for dinner #IveFallenInLikeWithYou #WeAreTheSameHuman #NoirMob #Mischief
When your friend gives you $5, you spend it on a stripper.
You can't have a Jack and Coke, but you can have a Evan Williams and Pepsi. #RevereProbs
I need out of the city.
Skipping class to eat Oreos with Nick. Suck it.
Hey lungs, that'd be rad if you could not stop working on me again. I've about had enough of your bullshit today.
Just now starting a 6 page paper that's due tomorrow. #Winning
Chipotle. Adventureland. Cuddling. Solid night.
I still automatically go to call Dave whenever I'm really happy or really upset... It's been almost two years & I think about him every day.
One of my favorite humans, Mari 💕
I'm always happy to provide immoral support whenever you need it.
My MCM goes out to these two mischievous beauty queens. #MakingMamaLoufProud #Mischief #NoirMob
Sitting on my bed, eating Dunks, & profusely sweating out all of the alcohol I consumed this past week.
Hahahaha I just have insanely quotable friends "@twlohataylor: @infamousxsunny Your tweets scare me sometimes... I'm worried."