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Sunny J
Hang on, Muggles 🚵
Community Butter Beer #PoorKidProbs
Never leaving Diagon Alley.
Double fisting Butter Beer and real life beer at 11am. I love Harry Potter World.
Event: Marketing Matters: Using Social Media to Engage with your Community - 8/12/2014
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My mom has been avoiding seeing me since I got here.
Come on in, the water's fine bruhhhh #Shaka #KookOfTheDay
Max and Ruby is the worst show, ever.
Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?
I hate when I lose something & my mom says "well I guess you didn't care about it enough." You've lost me in a grocery store before so...
bae: come over me: i can't, im in my mums car bae: my parents aren't home me: broom broom
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Happy 20th birthday to my baby seastar, who is one of the most attractive humans ever. I love you little one, to the moon and back!
im so fucking angry and i just woke up
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I need a hug or 8 shots of vodka please.
Nugget snuggles ♡
Finally reunited with my main man ♡
This is going to be a rough flight.
I feel like I'm going to die.
Rosé, no moscato.
Gettin' fancy. In the middle of dinner. #ThisIsWhyWeDontDeserveNiceThings
We're causing a scene while eating dinner at one of the nicest restaurants in Boston. #ThisIsWhyWeDontDeserveNiceThings
Alex dared the waiter to bring him a bow tie. The guy brought them down on a silver platter... I just can't even deal right now.
Double fisting a beer and a Starbucks latte at Beantown.
"Once you wake up on a destroyer in the middle of the Pacific with a tattoo of a random guy's name, you stop blindly saying yes."
Heading to Sissy K's with Victor and Timmy. HELP.
"Since the first mate isn't here to wipe down the table, we're gonna have to use this pillow."
Minnow! #SelfieWithADogOnAYacht
She's gorgeous. #Trumpy #ImOnABoat
If there's a "Mr." in front of your cat's name you're going to die alone.
This is going to be a problem.
if ur not fergalicious then what's the point
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I'm too angry to sleep tonight.
It's just unfortunate that my coworker can't behave professionally nor can my workplace be free of sexual harassment.
I had been very clear in the past when he attempted to flirt or ask me out, saying that I wasn't interested nor was the behavior welcomed.
Work was great... until a coworker cornered me from behind, put his hands on my waist, and grinded himself on me. And yes, I reported it.
Obama just said ratchet while talking about Russia.
That just made me sick to my stomach.
Wall on 34th street in Gainesville, covered by a quote from the original @TWLOHA story, in memory of Emily Aultman.
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