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Sunny J
My mom’s like why are you awake at 3am and I'm like why are you so obsessed with me.
Going on a walk with my boys & smoking cigarettes was exactly what I needed tonight.
Out with two of my favorite guys ♡
I'd really just love to have my family back.
Happy Birthday Papa John! We love you ♡ #WeAhTheMillahs
I have a new business idea: Yelp+Tinder You're welcome.
Always ♡ "@twlohataylor: I love you my tiny human! Like a lot! �@infamousxsunnyy"
If I dont have a Batman related dream tonight, I'm gonna be pissed.
In other news, Gotham was rad and now everything else is irrelevant.
That just made me sick to my stomach.
Happy Monday don't let these pumpkin spiced latte drinking hoes get to you !
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Mischief with @thedevilstwins
relationship goal: a relationship
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I can pull in mad bitches. Retention is another story though....
Noo... Noo... Your milkshake no bring no one to yard... Put away
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I spent my afternoon surrounded by pickles so you should be pretty jealous at this point.
There's a city in Turkey named "Batman". I'm moving.
It's ok Apple users, I just woke up and found a surprise Nickelback album on my BlackBerry.
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When I start to fall for someone...
Between checking myself and wrecking myself, I keep pretty busy.
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We are all worried the other person is going to fuck up, and we won't be ready for the heartbreak.
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What are stairs?
I can't do stairs right now.
Oh god, that was tequila.
The good ones will be gone when you wait too long.
To the people that wear white socks with black shoes-just don't.
I'm in a makeup class. Until 10pm. ON A FRIDAY. Grad school has to be some sort of sick joke.
Isn't she the prettiest?
My milk to cereal ratio is on point.
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No place I'd rather be.
Holy fuck I'm awkward.
I love when both of my moms text me at the same time ♡
@twloha Suffolk's eboard tabling at the Temple Street Fair! We're pretty cool and we have pizza, so you should join us.
Today is an asshole. To hell with today. How many beers will it take to erase it?? Ya know... Like that flashy thing from Men in Black?
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That awkward moment when all of your residents are taller than you. #APersonIsAPersonNoMatterHowSmall
If this woman doesn't feed us, I'm going to lose it.
I think I look like I need a thesaurus.
Johnny and I feel the same way about today.
I don't want a sweetheart, sweetheart I want a machine Abi Hassan Photography