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Queen Cleopatra VII
Tomorrow u can wake up & the person u love can love somebody else. But tomorrow a 100 dollar bill will still be a 100 dollar bill.
When they really into you, you never have to beg them for time.
Dating is hard cuz u don't wanna put all your eggs in one basket but then niggas don't take you serious if they know you seeing other men
Niggas date multiple people and explore their options but don't want us to date other men even tho they haven't made us their girl yet.
All we ever wanna know is if they thinking about us too.
When I tweet I'm single, it's for him to see I'm looking for a new nigga. But I ain't really looking for a new nigga.
Lemme text some niggas I don't like cuz I'm bored and don't wanna text the nigga I love.
I just wish it was simple to tell a nigga "I don't really like you. I just need you to distract me from runnin back to my nigga"
Dick me down so I can replace my ex. - things we pray for.
Sex is so mental tho so even if they got good sex, if you don't like them, it won't matter.
Niggas mom and pop both got good jobs and married and provided everything and a nigga still wanna sell drugs like the poor niggas.
If you doing something illegal to make money and only making enough to pay your bills, you might as well just go get a job.
Lord please send me a big black nigga like Idris Elba
You cannot be no side bitch to a broke ass nigga or a bum. That makes you a bum.
How these bum ass niggas be scoring all this pussy with no money?
Only insecure niggas worried about controlling and monitoring everything.
Niggas always wanna control some shit. Control ya dick.
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There's niggas who got money and swear they got something. Still don't got shit tho. I know them niggas too
Nigga worried bout who his girl fucking.. Im more worried about a bitch fucking my money up
All the bitches that look for the niggaz with $ only find the niggaz who look like they got $
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