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Queen Cleopatra VII
There's niggas who got money and swear they got something. Still don't got shit tho. I know them niggas too
Nigga worried bout who his girl fucking.. Im more worried about a bitch fucking my money up
All the bitches that look for the niggaz with $ only find the niggaz who look like they got $
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My 🐍 don't want none unless u got buns. 👏
You can't leave your bitch ass nigga for a dude with less money cuz he just gonna laugh.
Niggas ONLY get mad when your next nigga got more bread than him. That's the only thing that will fuck with his ego.
You don't let a broke man get you into bed....he will not pull out and you'll be stuck with his broke behind for life
I wanna be able to come to your house, I want you to pick me up, I want you to book shit with YOUR card.
The purge was a right granted by the government to people in a FICTIONAL film.
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I woke up like this....
I wish I had a friend like me
Finding love is about timing. Psychologists believe it's possible to find the right person but at the wrong time.
If u want a loyal bitch be a real nigga. Sounds simple right?
never see me feel some type of way over somebody not liking me. just let me remove myself.
Hey I understand why people get high. Accepting reality is a tough pill to swallow. So do you
Send me some money to my paypal if you want me to notice you. I don't give a fuck about your dick.
Crazy how you can eventually HATE someone you loved so much.
You ever felt your body get weak when you know exactly what you have to do but it's not what you wanna do ?
Sometimes the best things you can do are the hardest things you've ever done.
I don't care if I have my own money. I still want someone to pay my bills.
I don't care about being "in love." Just have fun with me. And respond to my texts. Thanks.
Cuz if there's something I can't tolerate... It's being ignored. I go insane.
Don't fucking ignore me. You don't gotta love me, just don't fucking ignore me.
It's been proven too many times not to give people too many chances cuz you always regret it later. Too many is more than 1.