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Queen Cleopatra VII
Why y'all so interested in how everyone gets their stuff? It has crossed my mind but I don't really care. Mind ya business.
I liked a @YouTube video Jennifer Lopez - Love Don't Cost a Thing
I would say I want a boyfriend but niggas don't give good foot rubs. They don't even give good dick. So...
I liked a @YouTube video from @TeamAkademiks Lil White Boy Thinks He's in Chief Keef 'Glo Gang'
I liked a @YouTube video Scarface - Bathtub Scene HD
I liked a @YouTube video Scarface - You're Coming With Me - The World Is Yours
I liked a @YouTube video Scarface (5/8) Movie CLIP - Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy (1983) HD
Y'all expect too much from people.
You think I give a fuck about these bitches? All I care about are the people I love, money, whoever I'm fucking and my lifestyle.
There's a lot of ways to know when someone is taking advantage of your generosity and kindness.
I used to do so much for niggas. Not anymore. I do what I feel like doing and nothing more.
Whether it's something a nigga needs or wants, if I dont feel like doing it, I'm not.
I liked a @YouTube video Shy Glizzy ft 3 Glizzy - Mula
Long hair , thick. Red bone
I finally see that loving you and loving me just don't seem to work at all.
When you do squats on the dick and your legs sore the next day <<<<<<
I woke up like this.... Lol
Side bar. It's so sad to see a chick pregnant and her baby daddy still out here acting a fool.
Bitch always talking about who not fit to be a mother except herself
I liked a @YouTube video Shy Glizzy - Awwsome (Official Video)
Can y'all niggas please marry your baby mamas. Geez
I think you should marry for love, security, trust, family and protection.
All I want is for everybody to have a couple dollars and be happy.
Take love to the grocery store and try to pay for some food with it.
Men absolutely want praise and recognition. Just give it to them. It motivates them.
If you don't like affection, you don't really like that person.
When you really love someone, their presence is heaven, their touch is everything.
Any man who is okay with you not doing anything just wants to control you. Don't look at that as a privilege.
I just want there to be one day when people understand I don't give a fuck
I liked a @YouTube video from @KarenCivil #CivilTV: Shy Glizzy Welcome To My Neighborhood
Dealing with certain people, you lose your self respect, your time, your youth, and sometimes even your mind.”
eal niggas don't exist. They're a myth. And real men just mad corny. ☺️😔
I liked a @YouTube video from @LETSPLAYAMERICA Kinder Surprise Eggs (Russain Kinder Surprise Eggs)
I liked a @YouTube video Freddie Mercury en Paint | QUEEN - Hot Space Album Cover
I liked a @YouTube video My Favorite Way to Make Money Online
I liked a @YouTube video Gökhan Akar - Koyver
I liked a @YouTube video Pet Rescue Level 701 new
I liked a @YouTube video How To Recharge Your Energy (English) - Botanica San Miguel
I liked a @YouTube video Sticky Icky - Promises
I liked a @YouTube video 許冠傑 HK Wonderful World Concert 2014
I liked a @YouTube video Rozgar Missions, Part Time Job, Full Time Job, Home Based Job
As long as my dude answers the phone every time I call, I won't think he with a bitch. 😭😩
I'm not so mad about the things that I've done... I'm more mad about the people I've let slide.