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daily reminder that you’re going to be okay. everything is going to be okay.
daily reminder that the problems you’re facing today may seem like the worlds end, but they will not matter in a year.
daily reminder that the boy you’re in love with at 16 probably won’t matter when you’re 25.
Be with someone who talks about you like you put stars in the sky.
Sometimes, in order to move on, youve got to find a new addiction to get over another.
I need to go get in the shower, but I don't want to get out of bed. Do you see my problem here?
it's that time of the year where it's sweater weather in the morning, but then you're dying of heat stroke by 11 am
if you didn't go to school today, I'm disappointed in you.
If you haven't already today, remember to take a moment of silence for those who lost their lives and loved ones 13 years ago.
how am I suppose to sit here and be okay while you're okay without me?
it's not that we really forgive eachother, we just can't bare to lose one another.
we forgive people because we simply want them to stay in our lives
I'm missing your hugs and kisses. I miss your presence being around me.
your kiss is like home to me and right now im fucking homesick
Has anyone ever had a blister on the bottom of their toe before?
you won't ever understand until it happens to you
Maybe we don't see ourselves the way we really are
My boys always leaving to look at colleges... he's basically already gone 😭#ConsOfHavingAnOlderBoyfriendd
I'm sleeping in your sweatshirt because it makes me feel like you're here even though you're 5 states away.
sometimes I think life has fucked me over, but then I realize it was my stupid mistakes.
sucks being upset over someone who's not upset over you
The Salem Witch Trials fascinates me so much