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Eminem- So Much Better:
Bye twitter x
I'm a poser too.
I wake up with a chip on my shoulder, everyday, I get a bit more older, feeling colder, just want to hold her, told you. She's my soldier.
"Thats why the spacebar is always important"
Can't play when kids are fucking screaming.
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@sxdixx: I have ppls numbers from twitter and ive only spoken to them like once” this
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Until you pay my phone contract don't tell me what to tweet, how to tweet, when to tweet, what to retweet. Don't even complain bruv
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Sorry is useless when trust is broken.
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White girls get a Frappe from McDonald's the put in a Starbucks cup so their friends won't laugh at them
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They create the problem.. They then fail to destroy the problem they created... Then they don't wanna help solve the problem lol incredible
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@ilzldn: just do what makes you happy and fuck everyone else” fucking everyone else is what made me happy & her sad though.
Humans are annoying af. They'll judge you if you don't know how to dress & will judge if you know how to dress. Go flush yourself.
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Just keep moving forward and don't give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do for you.
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I give up keep it.
I'm too nostalgic.
"@LalafulLis: These butterflies got my stomach trippin. 😰"
Oi one man just said to me he's a feminist so he hates men. Is he trying to vibes gyal or just misguided?
But she's been with me since I was a kid forcing me to read, reread and rewrite her diaries.
Especially when I call my whores hourly and they get on all fours, like houris, I should be collecting n saving up dowries
Hold on tight where we going we doing. need roads I got quotes after anecdotes and loads in between. These metaphors are very boring.
Yell at me and call me evil but I'm not the one that taught you to be deceitful, though arguing the legalities of it all will set you free.
Puppeteered by fearful egos, watch me hit this three throw those people are feeble, they haven't lived enough through anything so they point
Be sated and safe I'm great in my ways grating spates of deaths beheading guests in spades digging graves for misbehaving slaves
You must think cos my namesake is to give grace that I won't snatch your tongue right out of your face.
For a handsome sum I could put more effort into all of this hut until that day you can suffer just as I did.
I sit and listen to her tales of woe wondering if I will ever heroically save this damsel or betray the hoe tragically and ransom her house
Light spills, plights killed, droughts healed by a sneaky creep with a deep elite freak. She weakly speaks of dank dark creatures.
See this, it thinks its evil just because it was never taught to be a beacon.
Rude, this is magic, lewd, that's so tragic. I don't speak to satisfy any craven ego I just free flow through the trees though.
Brought bananas for the munch bunch, son.
Quasimodo with his hunch on.
Can't you see this air I'm punching?
Bound to a queen with no crown, chained to prisoners in her underground dungeon, served severed heads for luncheon.
Murder most foul, its unheard of how he sits down with the crowd and howls at the hounds. Found a distress signal in town.
Silly rabbit tricks is for kids.
I hate hints uno, I'm the type of person to pretend not to understand your hint just so you say it how it is
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Never trust a bitch like this.. Hoes like this use the universe and spirits as an excuse to fuel their Hoe-ness
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@illhueminati: use this tweet to make a demand” i demand mental illness to treated just as that; an illness. not a trend.
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