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deanna ☯
You may experience a bit of free-floating anxiety today as you... More for Scorpio
It might seem as if your friends are a little less available t... More for Scorpio
life is like a roller coaster. you just have to accept the good and the bad days.
my bed is my favorite place
it's so funny when someone tries to talk shit to you online but when they see you irl they don't say anything
i love meeting new people
i hate having no one to talk to
fainted after my bloods 😩
Your long-term goals become more grounded now that the emotion... More for Scorpio
Friendly Friday - Michael and his good friend Liza Minnelli.
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Did you know Madonna took her entire entourage from her 1993 tour to watch Michael perform @ Mexico’s Estadio Azteca.
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Michael loved big spectacles, & Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil is no different!…
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You must complete your current assignments before you can move... More for Scorpio
i don't know how or what to feel
i just wish you wanted me like i want you
my loneliness gets worse at night
i want to talk to you but i cant
my feelings will be the death of me
cool date idea : going to the park and making flower crowns for each other
my problem is i cant get over the past
but I don't even know what i want
i feel the distance between us and i hate it
i feel like i have no one to talk to
life tip : stop comparing yourself to others
@DeannalovesMJ you get more beautiful every single day your skin glows
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from now on I'm keeping everything to myself.
I can't live up to your expectations, I'm sorry.
every night she cries and dies a little more inside
yah, I'm upset but am I going to tell you? no.
just let me go, I'm on my own.
when she moody grab her booty
in the end we're all just a pile of bones
i feel unwanted all the time
i get comfortable with people too fast
i hate most of society, not all, but most. i know good people exist but it seems the bad overweighs the good.