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❁ deanna ❁
wtf have I done wrong
I hate not being able to talk to you
life's so awkward 99.9% of the time
I can't explain my feelings for you
tbh my life is suckish when I know you hate my guts
Why am I the only one with a free period ugh
my english class is so boring 💤
Who actually wants to read of mice and men though
You might feel rather impatient today, yet your spontaneity is... More for Scorpio
made another sailors pinstripe bracelet
@moempire we should hang out sometime if you wanna haha :))
You may be feeling self-sufficient today, yet your desire to d... More for Scorpio
I'm gonna love ya, I'm gonna love ya Gonna love ya, gonna love ya Like a black widow, baby
dangerous is my fav michael jackson album
do you remember the time
You're rarely interested in messing around with shallow conver... More for Scorpio
Can I just be @DeannalovesMJ please like she's too perf and I'm just obsessed!😂😍❤️
Retweeted by ❁ deanna ❁
@ChiricahuaAZ it's annoying me 😄
Somebody tell me why U2 is downloaded on my iPod for some random reason
fast texters are my favorite people
im a hopeless romantic
im starting to have feelings for you and idk how to feel about that
you're so fucking cute like how
im too fucked up for anyone to handle
i feel like complete shit and i hate my life
i want you to text me sigh
i don't miss you, i miss what we had.