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Hearts Bleed Ink
Tagged by @southern_belle_poetics to do #wordsareonlywords They say words are only words, but when pen slides across paper revealing every thought you've ever pondered, that's is when your voice is finally heard. - Debbie . Made with @instaquoteapp #instaquote
She wanted it all. One day she realized, she couldn't get it all, until she realized all she already had. - Debbie . Made with @instaquoteapp #instaquote #poetry #poets #instapoet #instaquote #spilledink
If I date you, the goal is to marry you. To build and grow with you. I'm not dating you just to pass time. I see potential in you.
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When 140 characters won't do, we blog.
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I've continued to thrive despite my circumstances because I've learned to hunt for the rainbow in the midst of the darkest storms. - Debbie . Made with @instaquoteapp #instaquote #poetry #spilledink
At the beach. All smiles. 😆😆
The Truth About Air and Water by Katherine Owen. Top ten book for sure for me. This author's writing is AMAZING!! #mustread #indie #reading #realtalk #books #bookaholic
1. Accountant and editor 2. Nope. I really want a dragonfly but im too much of a scaredy cat 😂😂 3. I suffer from severe social anxiety. I cant catch my breath in large crowds. 4. Fake people 5. Purple any shade. Best color ever!!
Bwhahaha!! So true!! Its been one of those days. 😂😂😂
Man, I have been trying to get @Spotify premium with my student discount since Jan and it has never worked. That's bad business smh
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Maybe I'm still heart shattered by my own lack of ability to let things go, but I didn't ask to be put in the situation. By the time I found out the truth, I was already far too deep in love to just leave. I have exerted so much effort to forgive... to let it go. I'm just.....emotionally exhausted
I am dealing with so much right now and mostly all alone. Just needed some inspiration and I thought I'd spread it around to you beauties. 😊
Expressing your heart offers you the best chance to get what you need.
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Everyone has gone through something that has changed them + forced them to grow. Keep in mind that everyone has a story to deal with.Be kind
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Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, & accepted by idiots
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That one moment where its all too much you just want to give up. You feel like you've handled so much, but there's so much more to come. You want to hide and stop trying but you don't.... because deep inside you know you can handle it all and come out strong. - Debbie #spilledink #writing #be
It takes one to know one... and other childish things I will say in reply to your frivolous subtweets. Keep em comin...
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I see you are so easily manipulated by what people think of you... Your backbone is showing... or the lack of.
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If only reality was as real as the fantasies SEEM to be.
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I'm not going to TELL you what you did wrong when you ask. You know the answer. Asking me instead of apologizing is also wrong.
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Call HER beautiful... So she knows you're not paying attention.
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She entrusts her heart with him... knowing he is worthy. He keeps it safe... and fills it with love.
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If there was a button you could press to feel the emotions typed with the words... Would you dare to press it? Or would you even need to?
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The heart bleeds ink, and the words set you free.
To write something you are feeling at the moment, and have people around the world feel it too, is truly amazing.
It's truly a beautiful thing to create a world in your head and use it to write a story. Or an emotion, turned into something others relate.
We've been hurt, screwed over, ignored, dissed and broken down at times. Who are we? The good. The greatness that keeps shining in the dark.
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You want to know when it was I fell for you? When I knew you were the one? It was when I laid my heartache at your feet and you just smiled and kept holding me. It was when I thought I might break from all the pain and you wrapped me in your arms and said "I'm here, I'll always be here, no matter
My #ipsy bag. Love this monthly subscription!! Does anyone else get Ipsy or others you'd recommend?
I finally realized something today. Just because you're a good person, doesn't mean you need to be good to people that don't deserve your good. It was a good lesson, now to move on. - Debbie . Made with @instaquoteapp #instaquote
It's Friday!!! My mean co-workers can kiss my ass. Yes its been one of those weeks. Dont judge, I know most of you have that one person who just brings you to brink of insanity! Smiles 😆😆
For business inquiries, reach out to @ElevateMindz
We can disagree on beliefs and I'll still love and respect you. If you don't feel the same, maybe you have some work to do with yourself.
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The biggest issue I see in the world is how easily we turn to hate; and how hard we've made it to love one another.
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Hell yeah!!!! #curvy #beautiful #confidence #bold #truth
Yup its only Monday and the alcohol is already needed. The trouble with being a kind person is that you end up being kind to people that never deserved your kindness. Thats my wisdom for the day.
There is only one person you spend your whole life with, and that is you. If you aren't ok with you, there's your issue. - Debbie . Made with @instaquoteapp #instaquote #motivation #spilledink #truth #instaquote
#realtalk #poetry #writing #spilledink
Always forgive your enemies-nothing annoys them so much. ;)
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Such a great read! #Inspiration Bookish: Beyond Believing by @ddmarxbooks {Book Review & Givea...…
Good morning beautiful world. 😊 #goodmorning #instagood #instalike
"Not gonna lie, I shed a few tears at the end of Furious 7.” Fans react to #PaulWalker tribute
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