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You won't believe what the government is hiding from us behind these doors... #ClickBaitAMovie
The only way FIFA could be more corrupt is if they had Dennis Nedry as their president.
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They should probably arrest officials of EA Sports for the numerous flaws on FIFA 15 online multiplayer... #FIFAarrests
This is why I always shout "SHUBO!" when I see you. I always picture this scene and replace 'shaba' 😂@shazza94MUFCC
'Leave the wrongdoer to the court of the Hereafter when there will be no judge but Allāh.'
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Surely, we belong to Allah. And to Him we shall return.
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Stable to the Grave #horseamovie
Harry Potter's Broomstick Squad #RejectedBikerGangNames
Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us and grant us from Yourself mercy. Indeed, You are the Bestower. #Quran 3:8
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The Way You Turn That Wheel... #TrafficASong
We don't realise how lucky we are that God chose us to live in relative comfort while others are in agony #PrayForNepal
Ya Allah, please grant my parents strength, health and happiness. Ameen
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"He sends down the angels, with the inspiration of His command, upon whom He wills of His servants..." #Quran 16:2
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Rio Ferdinand's wife has passed away suffering from cancer 😔. Heartbreaking for him & his 3 kids. Such a gentleman, hope he can stay strong.
"Look for your friends, but do not trust to hope. It has forsaken these lands. We ride north." -…
So we can be like lemmings. #whyvote
Allah is the light of the Heavens and the Earth. Al-Nur
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I still type in my passcode to unlock iPhone instead of using my thumb print. #OldSchool
The Cast and the Injurious #HospitalAMovie
#Fish-cakes = 🐟+🍰 @ 21 Covent
@ImranoTV hey, I still watch your old video's and laugh 😏😂😂😂
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And whoever relies upon Allah - then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. #Quran 65:3
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Strangers have the best candy. #UnlikelyParentingAdvice
Time to banish the demons - HALA MADRID #ChampionsLeague
#YouKnowYoureBritishWhen you wonder if you should complain to Twitter about the missing apostrophe in this hashtag 😕.
#YouKnowYoureBritishWhen you start hating at anyone who claps inside the cinema after a movie...
As no other club will match his wages, Van Persie is the only player guaranteed of keeping his regular spot next season..on the #MUFC bench.
Chris Smalling - Redemption #MUFCvMCFC
Everytime Ashley Young does something good right now, he seems to be saying "Can't believe you spent £60 mil on Di Maria." 😔 #MUFCvMCFCC
So I spend about £500 playing #JurassicParkBuilder and they are just about to release the new Jurassic World game...Oh what a fool I am.
#5YearsSinceHarrysAudition and not a day has gone by when I actually gave a crap.
The Sun try to hide stuff like this. Don't let them get away with such outrageous lies.
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For my grandparents this used to be a daily commute not a sport... #boatrace2015
If you want to talk to Allah, then pray. If you want #Allah to talk to you, then read the #Quran.
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When you forget that you need Allah, He puts you in a situation that causes you to call upon Him. & thats for your own good. (Omar Suleiman)
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Rarely get to eat at our own restaurant #BengalMerchant. With @tahsinaaa and tawhida_786. @ Bengal…
“To Him belongs the dominion; to Him belongs [all] praise; and He has power over all things competent.” #Quran 64:1
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“Everything on Earth will eventually be extinct.” #Quran 55:26
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Went to visit this angel today☺️. While I was there it was time for Maghrib prayer and she let me use…

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