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Importance of German
#LearnGerman Pardon my German. Learn German Swear words and profanity.
#LearnGerman Words for Greetings, Family Members, and Days of the Week.
#LearnGerman I promise you won't find a more comprehensive German language course for less.
Ever wonder how hard German is to learn? In this article I try to answer the question.
German Adjectives vary depending on which gender and case of the noun they are describing.
#LearnGerman Vocabulary Words for Continents, Weather and Anatomy.
#LearnGerman Start learning German with theses German Vocabulary Lists.
#LearnGerman German Grammar Introduction - Learn German Grammar Rules.
#LearnGerman I'm sure you will have the same great learning experience I have had learning German.
#LearnGerman The Importance of the German Language on the world.
German Letters are pronounced differently. Examples, German W sounds English V, and German V sounds English F
#LearnaLanguage Importance of Language – Why Learning a Second Language is Important -
#LearnGerman Can't completely learn German without learning the German Grammar.
#LearnGerman Words for Times of Day, Colors, and food/mealtimes.
#LearnGerman Interactive German course that makes learning easy and fun to do.
#LearnGerman German Swear Words for that not so special someone in your life.
German contains the twenty six letters of the English alphabet and adds the extra letters ä, ö, ü and ß.
#LearnaLanguage The Twelve most useful Second Languages for English Speakers -
#LearnGerman Start learning German with theses German Vocabulary Words.
#LearnGerman You can anticipate three things: an enjoyable, simple, and fast way to learn German.
The German Number System is pretty straight forward and shouldn't take too long to learn.
#LearnGerman Words for Months of the Year, Numbers, and Emotions/Feelings.
The German language has few regional dialects that vary slightly from one another.
#LearnGerman Master how the German Number System works in only an hour or so!
#LearnGerman Can't completely learn German without learning the German Alphabet.