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Imogen Heap
After a full day of interviews/meetings, I finally got around to opening my fab #BoxSetParty pressies! Thank you!!
Am so so grateful to so so many people for everything in my life at the moment. #Reverb2014 #Sparks #TeamHeap #familyfriendsfans xx
Bounced back from last night thanks to the amazing from the audience @RoundhouseLDN, tweets and reviews. That was a toughie! Xx love <3
If you can, please tune in now to the remaining concert @RoundhouseLDN… It's bloody amazing! @LCOrchestra #Reverb2014
#Synaes! Stunning work of art @musicandsound @quayola @LCOorchestra! So so beautiful. Congrats! Thankyou for the light #Reverb2014 x
Speaking of new albums, congrats @taylorswift13 on finishing yours! You're a #MegaWoman! Such drive+talent. Can't wait to get my copy ;) x
Woah @ArianaGrande!!! Insane amounts of tweets in my twitter feed this morning! So happy you love the album! Love and thanks xx :) xx
If you're in Camden today pop into the Roundhouse for FREE sound installations & a demo of @imogenheap MIDI controller gloves w Ableton.
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Sooooooo looking forward to hearing the musical goodness of tomorrow night #Reverb2014! Please don't miss if you're in town! Xx
Also @petergregson's new album sounded amazing tonight. Came out on Tuesday. Called 'lights in the sky' xx
@dizzybanjo: Was great to hear @imogenheap singing through the #arboreallightning tree soundscape tonight at #Reverb2014” Amazing work Rob!
I got to 'drop' #ArveHenriksen's new album (which is beautiful, listening on the way home) and then got 'shredded' by the awesome @timexile!
Gonna hit the Heap hay now and get stuck into final rehearsals tomorrow for the big show on Sunday @RpundhouseLDN :) xx
Marte Haltli (5) played oscillators, music boxes and bells in my set at @TheRoundhouseCT tonight at @imogenheap's #reverb2014.
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@imogenheap goose bumps! That was a very emotional ending to a fantastic improvisation! Loved it! Thank you so much!
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@amyvictoriatodd: @timexile and @imogenheap on stage together - easily the best thing I've seen all year #Reverb2014” Wow! So much fun!!
Thanks to everyone who came tonight to #Reverb2014. Was a totally magical night for me. #ArborealLightening with us the whole night too! X
I went to see @imogenheap tonight. Her new music sounds like interference. My girlfriend fell asleep #boredoutofmind
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Ahhhhh Pekka Kuusisto... You are just divine! Beautiful set! Xx thankyou so much for coming to #Reverb2014. You began it for me! Xx
Wow! @majaratkje is so incredible! She has her daughter on stage with her too! Fabulous. Loving the music. #Reverb2014 :)
To clarify, tonight: improvising piano/vocal/glove combo. Sunday: playing a 'normal' song gig. Both @RoundhouseLDN for #Reverb2014. Coming?
Playing with @imogenheap's magical gloves. If I ever have the patience to be a digital musician, this is the interface I want
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In total amazing company with PekkaKuusisto, ArveHenriksen, @timexile @majaratkje and @petergregson! Have been so so looking forward to it!