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Jean Kelsey
"Dietary intervention primes triple-negative breast cancer for targeted therapy -- ScienceDaily"
"Big organic farms may actually add emissions - Futurity"
"Better chocolate with microbes" #science
"Ticks move across town to spread Lyme disease" #science #feedly
"A Majority of Doctors Favor GMO Labeling - Robyn O'Brien" #feedly
"What--And Who--Are Actually Causing Climate Change? This Graphic Will Tell You" #feedly
"Can Organic Food Feed the World? - WSJ" #feedly
"Type 2 Diabetes May Damage Thinking Skills: Study"
"Cost a Barrier to Healthier Diets for Diabetic Kids, Study Shows"
"Pesticide Chemicals, Brain Issues in Kids Linked?" #feedly
The addiction of chocolate and your brain....
"Consumers should seek a variety of fiber sources to get the maximum health benefits -- ScienceDaily"
Eww why? "Scientist works on taste, texture and color of lab-produced hamburger -- ScienceDaily" #feedly
"45 states get an "F" for health care cost transparency" #feedly
"#Connecticut Bans Toxic Lawn Pesticides in Municipal Playgrounds Statewide"
"New Study Links Climate Change to Shrinking Bumblebee Habitats"
"How to make veggies exciting for kids - Jamie Oliver" #feedly
"Three Change-Makers Selected to Receive 2015 Organic Leadership Awards" #feedly
"Surfing the Tsunami of Demand for Non-GMO Ingredients - Robyn O'Brien" #feedly
"Warts and all: How St. John's Wort can make you sick -- ScienceDaily" #feedly
"Has the vaccine injury program failed U.S. children?" #science #feedly
"Despite Known Hazards, EPA Waits Decades for Manufacturers to Withdraw Pesticide"
"Federal Judge Overturns Maui GE Crop Moratorium" #feedly
"Chocolate consumption lowers death risk, studies show - Newsday" #feedly
"Vitamin C related to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, early death -- ScienceDaily" #feedly
"Gym steroid use has impact on memory -- ScienceDaily" #feedly
"Is That Taco Bell Drive Thru Still Calling Your Name? (Don't Let It, Here's Why!)" #feedly
"The ultimate guide to growing herbs" #food #feedly
"Dexter artisanal chocolate-maker launches CSA-like program" #feedly
"EPA Falters Again in Banning Remaining Uses of a Highly Toxic and Unnecessary Insecticide" #feedly
"World Chocolate Day: 10 weird chocolate facts" #feedly
"Dr Huber: An Unlikely Scientist Calling Out Glyphosate Before It Was in Fashion" #robyno'brien
"The Healthy Potato Salad Recipe You Need For Your Next Party" #feedly
"Antipsychotics Too Often Prescribed For Aggression In Children" #feedly
"A Dose Of Culinary Medicine Sends Med Students To The Kitchen : Via NPR" #feedly
"Clean Labels Become the New Food Industry Standard - InnoVision News" #feedly
"A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes." -Mahatma Gandhi
"90 minutes in nature really changes the brain" #science #feedly
"Our Pursuit of Life, Liberty, Happiness and Health" #robyno'brien #feedly
"Are Too Many Young Americans Getting Antipsychotics for ADHD? – WebMD" #feedly

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