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Jean Kelsey
"Cheap Eats: A Cookbook For Eating Well On A Food Stamp Budget :NPR"
"The colossal hoax of organic agriculture"
"Food Labeling, obesity, diet related disease"
"Mid-West Seed Company Becomes the Go-to Source for Non-GMO Corn Seed - Robyn O'Brien"
"Passage of the DARK Act Sheds Light on Next Steps for Opposition"
"USDA Allows Introduction of 2,4-D-Tolerant GE Cotton in Response to Roundup Resistance"
"A Story of Chocolate and Child Labor" #feedly
"Is Your Fridge Stocked With Cilantro? You May Want To Throw It Out Now"
"Can people learn to curb their chocolate cravings? - BBC News" #feedly
"Ride the Rails – A Chocolate Decadence Sunset Tour - Unwind from the Daily Grind!"
"The Nelson Family: Sustainable, Organic Farmers - Robyn O'Brien"
"Eat to Beat Inflammation - Alternative Medicine Magazine" #feedly
"Omega-3 fatty acids may help improve treatment, quality of life in cancer patients -- ScienceDaily"
"FDA Proposes Daily Value for Added Sugars on Nutrition Facts Labels Center for Science in the Public Interest"
"Is whole wheat bread better than white bread?"
"Talking Chocolate with Mr. Chocolate, Master Chef Jacques Torres" #feedly
"When Cancer Triggers (or Hides) an Eating Disorder -" #feedly
"The Dirty Secrets of 'Clean' Labels"
"Chemo May Worsen Quality of Life for End-Stage Cancer Patients - MedicineNet"
"High Blood Sugar May Boost Alzheimer's Risk – WebMD"
"Does Facebook Lead Young Women to Dangerous Diets? – WebMD"
"How to Feed the World: Four Ways to Reduce Food Waste - Robyn O'Brien"
"Copied Someone's Joke On Twitter? Your Tweet May Be Deleted"
"Recipes for summer ice cream season: Non-dairy, creamy dark chocolate sorbet"
"Cleaning up #cacao: making the #chocolate business more sustainable | #Enviromental News"
"Expert panel sets nutrition guidelines to manage GI symptoms in autism: ScienceDaily"
"Menopause moves fat to women's hearts - Futurity"
"Some hospital stays go up where there's fracking - Futurity"
"U.S. breast milk is glyphosate free: Study is first independently verified look for the presence of Roundup" #feedly
"Watch: A Congresswoman Who Voted Against the GMO Labeling Bill - Robyn O'Brien" #feedly
"Americans eat HOW MUCH chocolate?" #feedly
"Health is not valued till sickness comes." -Thomas Fuller
"Carcinogenic Glyphosate Linked to DNA Damage, as Residues Are Found in Bread"
"Are You Avoiding Papaya Because It Might Be GMO?"
This ought to make those who love milk #chocolate happy :)...
"Study Finds Douches Lead to High Levels of Phthalate Chemicals in the Body"
"Sugary drinks 'harmful even for slim people' - BBC News" #feedly
"Soybean oil causes more obesity than coconut oil, fructose"
"Mediterranean lifestyle may decrease cardiovascular disease by lowering blood triglycerides -- ScienceDaily"
"Drinking beet juice regularly may lengthen your workouts -- ScienceDaily"

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