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Jean Kelsey
"When A Cholesterol Test Becomes A Vice Instead Of A Virtue via NPR"
"From age 30 onwards, inactivity has greatest impact on #women's lifetime #heart #disease risk -- #ScienceDaily"
"Toxicologists outline key health and environmental concerns associated with hydraulic fracturing" #fracking
"Fruits and Veggies May Lower Stroke Risk"
"Coca-Cola to Eliminate Controversial Substance" #food #health
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Interesting!" IsYour Brain Overheating? Try Yawning – @WebMD"
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"As kids age, snacking quality appears to decline" #children #food
Killing weeds goes way beyond the 'plants'....
"Daily Aspirin Not To Be Used To Prevent First Heart Attack, Says #FDA - Forbes"
"High-fiber diet linked to lower death risk after heart attack"
Salpa Maggiore, New Zealand: This tunicate moves by pumping water through its body and has a comple…
An unlikely friendship that'll warm your heart.…
"@foodbabe Fear-Mongering Vs. Serious Issues In #Health Promotion - Forbes" #food
"Quiz: How Well Do You Know #Probiotics? | The Dr. Oz Show"
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"#Environment as important as genes in #autism, study finds"