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Kristen Bell
acting movies comedy drama actor 1,536,511 followers
@RobThomas says that when casting VM @IMKristenBell was the 1st of 100 to audition, when casting #iZombie, Rose was 100 of 100 auditions.
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The best. “@isabeljosephine:“Staff has now informed me of what a Kardashian is. I’m only left with more questions”Rep. John Dingell (D-MI)”
Mary Poppins (@IMKristenBell) sings a catchy new tune about raising the minimum wage:
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1st day rehearsal pic for HAIR at the Hollywood bowl :)
New rule! @daxshepard1 said it could be my birthday until Im tired of it being my birthday! I’m thinking mid august. Ish.
Thank you for the most beautiful birthday morning @daxshepard1!!!! Its so fun getting old along side u :)
I never thought I’d see the day when Goyte wouldn’t be playing in the background of my life.
i Love tea. i Hate chores. @Lipton duo Carl & Stu are my perfect match. #ExtraSUNday
We have rocket ships. Can we not make a pair of 3d glasses lighter than 6lbs? So my nose isn’t beyond repair after this monkey movie?!
She’s #StrongerThan fear and she’s not alone. Stand with #IAmMalala this July 14. VIDEO:
One of the smartest moves a person can make is ordering French toast for “the table”.
Has. Anyone. Ever. Seen. An. Artichoke. Bloom??? What a beautiful alien:
Thinking of citizens who fight for our rights, all hardships, all joys, & bowing my head w/gratitude to our beautiful country today.
My kid found a jar of chocolate covered almonds & scattered them across the floor. I did the only logical thing & cleaned* them up. *ate.
Ads b4 videos are usually annoying, but this one is worth watching. i watched it #likeagirl
Why is It not at all shocking that every angry idiot on twitter is holding a firearm in their avatar?
BINGO! “@rightsres: @daxshepard1 @IMKristenBell Men should go there load our carts and then pull out in the checkout line!”
Any woman who has ever used contraception should not feel welcome in Hobby Lobby. They should boycott. Let womb-controlling men buy the shit
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Interesting that Hobby Lobby's religious beliefs don't preclude them from taking money from women who use birth control. That's tots fine.
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I can't believe we are regarding businesses as "persons" with religious rights. Will Jiffy Lube get in to heaven? #thisistrulyinsane
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They are SO close! I really wanna see this movie! Anyone else?! RT!
Here’s another one I really wanna see: I just backed WELCOME TO LEITH - Feature Documentary on @kickstarter
Here’s your assignment: do something nice for someone today, and don’t get caught. -@HarryShannon
When said quickly, “dog trainer” sounds a lot like “doctor”. So just, you know, be careful.