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Graham 'Logo' Smith
the new ‘bono’ filter looks great MT @tim_cook: Thanks to all the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners!
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1. Gonna make an app 2. Need to make a todo list, however no app suits my needs 3. Making a todo app, this'll be great The Developer Cycle™
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oxford comma or no I think we can all agree there should be some commas, somewhere RT @madamezooble:
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Advice in Using PayPal Safely When Accepting Client Deposit Payments
Just entered the Castle Triathlon Series 'Olympic/Standard' Distance @ Hever Castle
"Awesome Beer Cans Show the Pantone Color of the Brew That's Inside"
"Useful Typography Tricks That Every Designer Should Know"
"Dalton Maag launches new site allowing users to trial fonts for free" Great stuff!
Went for a 1.1 mile Sea Swim. Starting to taper down for next weekend's Olympic Distance Tri at Hever Castle… #strava
The App Icon Template 4.0 is out→ 8️⃣ iOS8 & 3x 🔢 New Size Matrix 🆕 Bicubic Scaling 💟 More
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MacRumors’ has a nice round up of 3rd party iOS 8 keyboard now available -…
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"★ Apple Watch: Initial Thoughts and Observations"
Completely new logo design direction for ‘Peoples Church of Montreal’
Anyone else get paid (deposit) via Paypal for design services, and have a client lodge a complaint, which Paypal actually upheld?
Curiously tho, I do know some of you didn’t get the resolution I did, which leaves me wondering if it is ToC’s, or what mood Paypal is in
So I was curious if other people would initially misinterpret the email Paypal sent me, as I had first done. However, it went in my favour.
Will write a post on the experience shortly, but it was all quite an experience.
If you were aware of my frustrations with a paying client, and Paypal reversing the deposit, here’s the conclusion:
Woah, slow down Daily Mail, that's quite some speculation you've got going on there #Minecraft
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@thelogosmith I saw your tweets about @PayPal deducting money bcause ’bad client’ behavior. I think every designer should be warned by this.
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I sort of apologise for all the moaning and negativity, but this whole experience has REALLY shook my confidence
So I have sent @PayPal ALL my logo designs and concepts, so that can decide if they are worth £800, or not.
A monologue that I have sent PayPal regarding the dubiousness of them playing Judge & Jury in valuing my work/time
For typography geeks: A 2015 calendar showcasing a new typeface a day
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.@welogodesigner The deposit was transferred to my bank account, but Paypal simply creates an Overdraft (money owed' on your PP account
.@welogodesigner It’s stupidly easy for an unscrupolous client to make a groundless ‘complaint’, forcing Paypal to act, and reverse payment
.@welogodesigner few payment alternatives to Paypal: Bank Transfer/Swift/BIC, Western Union, Cheque (just got one today from a US client)
.@jimdesign Not going to name yet, but I may do if things don’t work out. Still respect their privacy, even though they have screwed me :)
@thelogosmith Deposits are normally nonrefundable,as it'd somewhat cover any work done.They should know this & stop being so unprofessional.
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@thelogosmith @AskPayPal moral of the story? Don't do design work with payments via Paypal where your goods are your ideas & can't retrieve
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Here’s a thinly veiled threat the client sent me, before this kicked off. @AskPayPal
@thelogosmith me and my client never agreed but there was no way of him to prove that I cheated or deceived so Papypal returned the money
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.@sitipple It absolutely will be the last time I offer Paypal as a payment means for clients, for creative work
.@AskPayPal The client has loads of good logo concepts that they could still use now for free, and I’ll have little recourse to stop them
Yeah, I’m totally and utterly furious with @PayPal @AskPayPal right now. Just take a months worth of my hard-earned income away in one go
.@AskPayPal Trying to ‘Provide (£800+ ’s worth of) Compelling Evidence’, reached an impasse as have no Tracking No
.@AskPayPal Also, how do I prove to you that over a 100 hours of time, and many logo concepts, are worth £800? How will you judge this?
.@AskPayPal I need to know how I can: submit my ToC’s, my invoice, my Proposal, and all my logo ideas that I have sent the client, to you.
.@AskPayPal The fact that for all my 6 weeks of hard creative work, you have unilaterally taken £800 of my money away, is beyond obscene
.@AskPayPal But I can’t see how I can provide tracking info for digital files of all the logo design ideas I have created/sent them?
.@AskPayPal I have more than enough ‘compelling' evidence to show I have supplied weeks of creative logo ideas…
.@AskPayPal How on earth do respond to a dispute that’s based on me providing creative ideas to a client that now wants their money back?
.@PayPal I have spent over 6 weeks, and provided more than 100 hours worth of logo ideas, now the client gets ALL their money back?!?
I know have to somehow justify, prove and explain to @PayPal what constitutes enough value for £800’s worth of submitted logo ideas/concepts
…don’t like any of my many many ideas. So after spending 6 weeks, I am now out of pocket £800 until it is resolved.