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Emma Hughes
If you see someone in Nandos wearing skinny jeans, a Hype t-shirt and Air Max, best believe they've already tweeted "cheeky nandos👌"
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Ain't no party like a pizza and crayfish party
Dear phone companies, I fail to see how being on the same phone plan as my family will bring us closer
Is this a sassy broccoli or is this a sassy broccoli?
Thanks apple for giving me a whole U2 album that I neither asked for nor wanted and that I don't know how to get rid of it
The fact theyr all in suits and dresses for a fucking tortoise wedding😂�#GeordieShorere
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Window 8 is a bloody nightmare why why why did they have to make it all tablety
Girl chooses to jump out of trains and buildings, stand as a knife throwing target because she is too selfish #explainafilmplotbadly
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No way of deleting this Michele Bublè iTunes gift from my phone and every time he comes on shuffle I want to throw my phone at a wall
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petition to wrap Martha up in a blanket & keep her safe & happy pls #gbbo
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It's all fun and games until someone loses their apartment
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Alice Gross, 14, still missing from #Hanwell in #Ealing borough. We urge anyone who may have seen her to call 101
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We literally have a baking competition scandal in this country. Britain has seriously just out-britished itself. #GBBO
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There is a squirrel underneath my tv and I don't know what to do
My tweets sound kind of lame when my mums reading them out
The freezer is about 90% waffles, every meal will now be waffle time
We appear to have accidentally bought 60 waffles
A trip to Costco is exciting idc
What's the point of @ING someone if you have protected tweets though and they can't see what you said?
Almost royal is my new favourite program omg
If you're going to be a top lawyer you best know your perm rules #LegallyBlonde
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My cat is sad because I have caught him and my other cats having a meeting to discuss what a bad cat owner I am.
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Why is it that EE combined with tmobile and orange, yet my coverage is still terrible? #tescomobilewouldntdothistome
The overly-enthusiastic back to school shopping has begun
Watching a film while texting, only to realise 10 minutes in that the film wasn't in English :/ #ican'tmultitask
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i get anxious for ppl who fall asleep on public transit. like where is ur home? how many stops have u missed? this was not a time for a nap
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Please understand the psychological torture of having your results mailed and having to wait until Saturday to find out how badly you failed
I think my eyebrows look alright until I compare them to someone else's
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Dad bought me a Royal Navy top. I like my top. He is forgiven for previously pushing me in lake.
Accidentally spending all my paycheck on holiday books oops
My father pushed me in a lake.
You want your eyeliner wings to be so sharp that they could kill a man, allowing you to drain his blood & summon the goddess Athena
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No I am not ashamed that I'm only here to use your wifi.
The #InvictusGames - a sporting event for our wounded Servicemen and women, coming this September. Show your support
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How many Step Up movies will happen before someone realizes eventually you have to step down #endlessStaircase
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@r_wakey: Cba finishing it now 😒✏” woah this is so good 😧
I've been the victim of a freak swinging malfunction but please guys hold back the tears
It's kinda weird having five more weeks of doing nothing productive with my life
Is there a filter on Instagram that fixes Bitchy Resting Face? Asking for a friend.
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Never have I ever been more happy to sleep in my own bed
Flying to Ghana today! ✈️⛺️☀️
And my balls on your chin. RT @thejrodman: Now I have James Blunt stuck in my head...
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if i ever go missing use this picture for like news reports and stuff
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