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Emma Hughes
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I will dedicate my life to the pursuit of knowledge so I can get on University Challenge & answer every question with "Your mum, Jeremy"
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Did not realise Loki was in war horse
Such excite much uni so swag
Got my first offer from Portsmouth 🎉
It still baffles me why you get ucas points for being well off enough to own a horse
Don't you waste your chicken soup on her Alik!
"Maybe the twist for this season is that nobody's cheated and actually Toff is a lizard" #MIC
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Let's be real this is a guilt breakfast in bed
Wth Eli what you doing?
Louise does ma heed in Alik does ma heed in buddy the dog is the only sound guy about #mic
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Binkys mum makes the show idc
Uh when did I start following you?
I love that they're making Paper Towns into a movie, but I wish they would've filmed Looking For Alaska first. #BestJohnGreenBook
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Remember Harry and Ron from Harry Potter? this is them now, feel old yet?
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The joy of finding something you like and it being reduced from £40 to £6 >>>
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Don't try and make this my fault; This was all you.
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The Iceland adverts seem to have wrongly assumed that people actually care about Peter Andre
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"We'll be with you in about 2 minutes" LIARS
I wish that I could wake up with amnesia so I could forget about Gossip Girl and rewatch it like it was the first time again.
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I'm very tired and very stressed and my eyebrows are shit and I'm poor and I hate sixth form
Retweeted by Emma Hughes Close friend of mine who would really benefit from this, please RT and donate if you see this:) xo
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Practically lying down over your spelling test sheet to protect your answers from the cheating seven year old scumbags in your class
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Would really love to fast-forward to the day after the last A2 exam
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Excuse me when did Disney channel start having adverts? What is this
I think it shouldn't be a sing off it should be mud wrestling last one standing 😂
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It's the year 2016, and "Sam Pepper hasn't yet assaulted me" entitles you to a silver Duke of Edinburgh award.
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Cheryl hates this woman more than she hates Ashley
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Been left in charge of the Bourbon biscuits. This was not a good decision.
Ergh I just want to bypass this year and go to uni
#IfFriendsWasBritish A Jeremy Kyle episode 'I carried my brothers babies and I want them back'
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Loughborough uni ❤️
If you see someone in Nandos wearing skinny jeans, a Hype t-shirt and Air Max, best believe they've already tweeted "cheeky nandos👌"
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Ain't no party like a pizza and crayfish party
Dear phone companies, I fail to see how being on the same phone plan as my family will bring us closer
Is this a sassy broccoli or is this a sassy broccoli?
Thanks apple for giving me a whole U2 album that I neither asked for nor wanted and that I don't know how to get rid of it
The fact theyr all in suits and dresses for a fucking tortoise wedding😂�#GeordieShorere
Retweeted by Emma Hughes
Window 8 is a bloody nightmare why why why did they have to make it all tablety