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Azeem Akhtar
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Without faith, there's no hope. Without hope, there are no dreams and without dreams there's no life. #Quote #SachKiJeet
Feeling incomplete...
After a long time, a night with school friends....... Old friends are Gold friends ;) — feeling crazy
Headache, Eye burning, Weakness... And fever. — feeling sick
Jb nya nya twitter p dkha k awam ne name ki jga "Please Zayn :(" "Plz Liam :(" lkha h. Phlay to lga #MazakTha! Phr pta lga sb hain he pagal.
Sometimes i don't say "HI" to some people. Because i know, someday they'll say "Good Bye" in return. #Quote #Thought #Random
#Gemini can be very quiet around people they don't like.
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Don't expect a #Gemini to always be around people. They don't like crowds
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#WhatYouShouldKnowAboutMe Nothing! Koi zurt ni. kam se kam rkho. ;)
Tired of social networking... Once Again...
1.5 hour of rendering and i get 1 second animation footage!! #C4D — feeling annoyed
#MyLifeGoals - Jannah - Hajj with Ammi - I won't share any other it's personal ;)
#ThatHahahaMoment when i see people making faZool trends like this one.
One who fight first isn't brave. The one who forgive first is brave. — feeling sleepy
Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is, Leave him/her Alone. — feeling fresh
One who sacrifice most, is more intelligent and more brave.
#SomeFlirtyLines Whenever i see you. My heart melts like an ice-cream in sunshine. Will you please be less hot?
#SomeFlirtyLines Boy: Baby are you from PTI? Girl : Why Boy : Cause your face has given a dharna at my heart.
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Yar pta ni kya hai... KICK ni mil rhee life main..!! — feeling confused
Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once.💯❤️
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One who don't learn to compromise, will always be looking for new friends, and stays alone until he learns it. — feeling nice
6 years of my life, tried to make everybody friend. learnt: You can't do it! Choose best people as friends & don't give a f*** about others.
If i say, There's nothing like True Love. It is a #WhiteJhoot ;)
#IAdmitThat i don't show it but i care too much.
i rather be single and not waste my time
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#Gemini are known flirts but once they are attached to someone they become blind to the rest of the world.
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#Gemini need to strike out on a fresh path from time to time in order to avoid feeling trapped and bored. #GSignz
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Duja din mubarak :D
Eid Mubarak everybody. Stay blessed... — feeling happy
#ThingsIMissTheMost 2 Rupay wala note. Uska apna he mza tha.
#TheBiggestHappinessOnEarthIs strong connection with Allah and mother's smile.
Having Girlfriend is a bad thing. #fb @FB
When a #Gemini is truly and absolutely in love with you, he/she will commit and be faithful.
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#Gemini will remember almost everything even about a conversation two months ago.
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#Gemini are not cheaters. They don't lie. They don't like to see people getting hurt.
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#Gemini can get caught up in trying to make everyone else happy and forget about their own happiness
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#Gemini don't like to waste time hating people, they just cut you off and continue with life.
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#Gemini ; An long moment of silence will shut us down.
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#Gemini's early sense of independence and love for freedom often means that they go through and experience a lot at an early age
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#MomentsIHateTheMost when i can't change my sad mood. even after trying so damn hard.
#FaultsInOurGeneration Dusrun ko copy karna just to look Cool.. Not seeing good or bad in that!!!
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#ThingsIWantInMyLife Peace, Love, Culture, Some Loyal Friends, Some Fun, and ......