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Monopoly is so addictive..
Don't know what to do today.. Lost all motivation on Ghosts..
Feels go out to @SoCloseToToast Wish you well.
Having @BreakingBad_AMC Withdrawal symptoms :( Might marathon the 1-2nd series tonight!
Any recommendations for @GFuelEnergy Flavors?
Time Killing in the Morning is the worst..
Just got a XBL code from @GimmeACode, Be sure to hit them up! ;)
Check out @GimmeACode, Legit, real cause <3
Got my @Razer Kraken 7.1 and Mamba ordered! So worth it.
So, Opinions on if Brian dying was actually a 'joke' or a changed storyline?
Ive watched so much #BreakingBad .. 20hrs in 3days?
#Youtubedown ! Oh no. Let the flood of tweets begin.
3K Avatar Giveaway : 1)Follow Me & @ObeyFrajelly 2)RT & FAV There will be 3 winners! (We will check followers) <3
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RT this tweet for the #Astro #Elgato #Scuf and #Ghosts giveaway! This is the tweet and you must be following! Winners will be picked Nov 3rd
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Anyone got a Ghost's stream?
I actually feel so sorry for @ProSyndicate ... Welcome to the club. #UnbanSyndicate
That EP! @FaZeAquas - Well done to you and to RWM :)
Well done to @shaycarl and @katilette - Inspirational and truly amazing. Well done to you both! #Brotard
"@FaZe_Rain Whenever I get mad I order food. I just ordered KFC" AWW SNAP!
We did it. 40mins from now, another person will be in that room. #BroTard is now trending! @shaycarl @katilette @ShaneEditor
National Pizza Month - You cant judge me.
I cant believe how much hate @Ms_HeartAttack is getting for helping someone progress in Youtube! Chill out...
I need to know what @ProSyndicate's Desk is! LA Setup one, Can you buy it in the UK? D:
Listening to @SoCloseToToast's Hangout on Youtube, Beatboxing Legend much!?
MW2, A game now obsessed with Grenade Launchers and long uppercase-lowercase gamertags.
'@SUKnives 6 AM is when GTA V Online is released. I mean, I love GTA, but I love sleep more.' - THIS GUY. Has his priorites straight.
Follow @Bhears - Ex-V9. Really chill guy! Get him to 500followers!
Maybe if Twitter spent less time verifying pornstars they'd have time for YouTubers.
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Good old game of MW2. Lobby full of snipers and grenade launchers.. So many memories.
Get @SoCloseToToast too 400k! Check out his videos if you haven't already! He's a amazing beatboxer! - #StayToasty.
Got my Beats back from @BeatsSupport , Cheers for all your help!
This is Obey Agony. I have captured and am holding Haunt hostage until you close SoaR's channel. You have 24 hours.
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KARNAGE Giveaway! I want to WIN the Xbox 360 Squid Grips! @K4RN4GE_Clan Enter Here -
RT for a follow, must be following me. Not following everyone
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