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"Did the man who invented college, go to college"
That's what I've learnt from experience, but what do I know, I'm just some injury prone, lazy kid who will probably be dead in 3-4 years ✌🏻️
I truly believe that to be of use to anyone, being level headed and logical will help more than anything, with the exception of experience
I'm so glad that I'm relatively emotionless, that I don't allow my emotions to take over with irrational schemas and influence my decisions
RIP my life 😪🔫
I hardly ever go out anymore but whenever I do I make sure I come back with some sort of injury 😪🔫
You're my favourite bad influence
Feel so sorry for that girl on the England woman's football team but they still played well though and outdid us (like that's difficult)
I swear people are wearing sun tan lotion as deodorant
I hate this weather so fucking much, like I'd prefer it rain and was really cold everyday than have to go through this heat
Almost went through a fence yesterday from doing a penalty shootout whilst spinning around 😅🔫
In so much fucking pain, feel like someone tore my spine out and put it back with super glue
Sweating my dick off in this suit 🔫
Wow, I feel so motivated after watching this, if this doesn't make you want to follow your dreams nothing will 😄
Officially finished college now 😄😔 guess it's time to start doing more heroin and speed👌🏻
If you can't laugh at life, life will laugh at you
I'll wrap my hands around your neck so tight with love, love
Final exam today, which means after today I can do as many mushrooms and as much LSD as I like 😀✌🏿
So I go to lie down and my sisters cat comes in my room and jumps all over me. Looks like that cunts only gonna have 8 lives tomorrow 🐈🔫
I've been left alone for the day to make myself food, this is going to result poorly I can feel it #SomeoneSaveMe
I've been awake for about 20 minutes and I'm already contemplating going back to bed 😔
And trying to take one with panoramic just makes it look distorted, so much easier for girls to take nudes than it is for us
I wish you could zoom out on iPhones when you try to take a picture, would increase the quality of my dick pics so much
Stop calling us, stop texting us @FinallyMario, we don't need you for our game on Friday versus @AthloneTownFC
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Well I guess I should got to sleep now, this psychology exam is gonna draaaaaag
Fuck this Psychology exam, I'm just gonna shoot up some heroin before my exam tomorrow 💉💉
Usually I'm really nervous about exams but this time I just really can't be bothered to spend 2 hours writing,deadest exam 😪🔫
You can tell someone likes to be dominated by there profile picture and the way they tweet
Hey Scotty, Jesus man
I won my bet to stay of Twitter for a week and now I don't have to quit doing heroin 👌🏻💉
After having the worst season I've seen for years we still finish 5th, we were so shit but I guess the others were just somehow even worse 😂
What an great way to send of a club legend, I though losing 3-1 to Stoke was embarrassing 😂🐸☕️
Just baited myself up so hard in front of my whole family 😪🔫
This final piece of coursework is killing me 😪🔫
So this is pretty much where my education ends then, I'm gonna miss the people at Collyers so much more than I missed the people at ICC 😪
Feels so nice to be reunited with my Mayfair Superkings 👌🏼
Too many ugly collyers girls thinking there Kendall Jenner but have a flat ass 😂 @......
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My humour is so dark 💀🔫
If it starts hailing down again today I'm gonna be so pissed, especially since my hair looks pretty fucking good today 😎
Cops will just throw u in the backseat like they didn't even hear u call shotgun smh disrespectful niggas
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Fabio Cannavaro provided the most fitting tribute to Steven Gerrard this weekend..
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#CheekyNandos 👌🐔 😭😭😭😭 Americans just don't ge48Um50
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