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That was actually all Lamela lol
If James Milner was a winger he'd be Chadli
Defoe to score a hat-trick against us and kaboul to have a blinder at the back
Wish my parents would tell me when people were coming over, just had some random guy walk into my room and start playing with my radiator 😐
Having to have a massive injection in my neck sounds so fun 😞🔫💉
When your cat has more real friends than you 😂�GK
We'll face Arsenal at home in the #CapitalOneCup Third Round. The game will take place week commencing 21 Sept. #COYS
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At this point I'm not even bothered about my life or my future because I'm already dead inside
Some of the things I see nearly everyday most people wouldn't even wish to happen to someone they hated. This pain never gets any easier.
I can never sleep fml 😞
Damn Pokemon kids take this game too seriously, lmao they about to kill the competition literally 😂…o
Ah I really dislike Solo Queue
Really hope Coutinho and Clyne go in today, could do with some fantasy points
Can't remember having it but I probably looked so fucking gay asking people to sign a book called "Alex's signatures book" 32 pages long tho
Found a makeshift book from year 10 where I had everyone I knew sign a different page/ leave a message so I'd remember them lmao 😂 is fucking hilarious, everyone who is easily offended should have to do this to stop crying over what others say
Well that glimmer of hope lasted about 45 seconds
My internet is being sooo shit today ffs
"Banter king of the group" is he serious 😂�4X
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I'm so happy that I managed to get into plat division on League 😀👾👌🏼
Wish I took the time to improve my handwriting years ago, now when I write it looks like I have spaghetti arms
If you don't think you can handle A-levels just do BTEC's, so chilled and nearly impossible to get a bad grade
My little sister is so mind blown and amazed at Google maps and is trying to find her away to her school 😂
Might just turn up to my interview baked see how it turns out
I'm actually not bothered about my job interview tomorrow, the money's good but having to start at 5am will kill me 😔🔫
There's so much hate everywhere you look
We are so shit
Chadli is so fucking bad 😂😂
"Yesterday you said tomorrow"
I haven't actually worried about my results at all up to this point but then again I'm a BTEC so I only have 1 A level to care about
Why do I have to wait 3 hours to update to windows 10 😪�#FirstWorldProblemsms
Didn't think my grandad would react so well to seeing me smoke, actually gave me a straight as well 😂
Worth another look: Den Haag goalkeper Martin Hansen scores a 94th minute equaliser against PSV:
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No I'm not saying, I'm sorry, one day, maybe we'll meet again, no no no no
Even though I can't understand 90% of what they're saying, this song is catchy as fuck…
The first time he was at a park I used to go to, then my college and last night it was in my house like fk this 😐🔫
I keep having a recurring dream where this guy shows up with no face then everyone disappears and he turns around and chases me on all fours
Damn Liverpool fans are still so upset over Sterling leaving 😂😂
Feel like an absolute stig but go on West Ham! #WHUFC hmm not sure if this is brave or fucking stupid
Had the worst headache for like 3 days now 😔😔
It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss
To be fair we were never going to get any proper or correct decisions at Old Trafford #SameOldSameOld

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