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"Yesterday you said tomorrow"
I haven't actually worried about my results at all up to this point but then again I'm a BTEC so I only have 1 A level to care about
Why do I have to wait 3 hours to update to windows 10 😪�#FirstWorldProblemsms
Didn't think my grandad would react so well to seeing me smoke, actually gave me a straight as well 😂
Worth another look: Den Haag goalkeper Martin Hansen scores a 94th minute equaliser against PSV:
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No I'm not saying, I'm sorry, one day, maybe we'll meet again, no no no no
Even though I can't understand 90% of what they're saying, this song is catchy as fuck…
The first time he was at a park I used to go to, then my college and last night it was in my house like fk this 😐🔫
I keep having a recurring dream where this guy shows up with no face then everyone disappears and he turns around and chases me on all fours
Damn Liverpool fans are still so upset over Sterling leaving 😂😂
Feel like an absolute stig but go on West Ham! #WHUFC hmm not sure if this is brave or fucking stupid
Had the worst headache for like 3 days now 😔😔
It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss
To be fair we were never going to get any proper or correct decisions at Old Trafford #SameOldSameOld
We always start to show some quality then make a mistake, concede a goal and lose confidence. I guest hats the Spurs way though 😞#COYSS
Fantasy premier league done 😀⚽️m
Holy fuck Twitter needs to add an "edit tweet" button ASAP
Swear my sister always asks for me to buy her baccy at the worst possible times 😐
Having to wait for your favourite programmes to come out English dubbed is fucking horrible ahhhh
Hmm I have a really bad feeling about this
My Dad actually snaked giving me a lift wow
Putting socks on inside out bothers me way more than it should
Was a super weird experience, he seemed like an alright guy and took it well, despite him being a creep who wanted to fuck my mum 😂
Well it's not everyday that you have to let down your mums stalker 😣😅
Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad, I got sunshine in a bad, I'm useless but not for long, the future is coming on
This spot on my nose is annoying the fuck out of me 😡
I love staying up all night and sleeping all day cause I don't have to talk to anyone, which is so calm for me 😀
Finally getting out of bed 😂
My little sisters are trying to guilt trip me into taking them to the park instead of sleeping 😪🔫
Similar habits of dominating a game for 90 minutes and losing 😪 still encouraging signs for the coming season 😀
Kaka is still world class
Been far too long since I last tweeted this #COYS
What have I become, my sweetest friend, everyone I know goes away, in the end
I swear I have pretty much the same nightmare every single night
Having beans on toast for dinner cause my family forgot to feed me
Ruined my sleep schedule so I could watch a friendly match 😂
FACT: The most graceful swimming pool dive of all-time.
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I want to go to sleep but my family are being so fucking loud 😴🔫
Hopsin's new album though 👌🏼🔥
"Success comes in cans, not in cannots"

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