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∆lex Ryan ☮
Pretty exited to start college again 😀😎
I actually have no confidence in England tonight 😕
Back to school supplies aka a fresh 20 deck
So motivated to smash through this year and get to uni 👊
I used to be so much fitter 2 years ago, I literally just walked to the shops and now I have a stitch 😂😂
Kawaita sakebi, ga kujikesouna, mune wo tsukisasu
I've spent so much time on Reddit this last week 😉😂
Hello darkness my old friend
Sussex uni is basically the size of ifield, exhausted just walking around but looks really good 😀
None of them are gay, my real Dad and step Dad both wanted to come to my uni open day so it looks suspicious, especially in Brighton 😬
It's going to look so weird walking around Brighton with my dads 😂😂
Now seems like a good time to start some coursework 😂😂
@imAlexRyan We believe in you Alex - and you can have a massive coffee when you get here!
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No idea how I'm gonna wake up early enough tomorrow for the Sussex uni open day 😪
Yay love queuing for half an hour 👌
The 2 most downloaded torrents on piratebay xD
Say something I'm giving up on you
Ah didn't realise they raised the terrorist warning to severe. People who are still bombing in 2014 are just boring, attention seekers
This is why Reddit is so beatifful
So many celebrity nudes. Today will go down in history!
At least we are ahead of Arsenal still, as some sort of consolation for today
We've played so poor today, only matched by an awful ref though
HAHA this ref is a joke 😂😂
Wow can't believe he would take of Messi
Liverpool 3-0 up, away from home, 15 mins to go. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?
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Kaboul is making Naughton look world class
Lol Sterling goes on one good run and he looks like Messi next joke pls
It's so annoying, they've not even played well we've just played poor and made loads of mistakes
Typical whenever I want Gerrard to do well he let's us down but when he's against us he scores 😪
Looooool this is why we hate Liverpool 😂😂
Here we go again 😪
I'm not scared of being near spiders, I just don't like taking the chance that one might crawl inside of me whilst I'm asleep and live there
I've just noticed that there's a massive spider with like 200 spider eggs behind it in my bathroom. Guess it's time to set my house in fire
Game of the season by a mile
What a crazy game this is turning out to be
No way Costa isn't a drug dealer
Still waiting for the sequel of 2 girls 1 cup 👌
Yay Europa league for the 3924th time in a row
What group are United in?
It doesn't matter that we aren't in the Champions league, who's top of the premier league 😉😉
10 seconds after leaving my house it's starts raining ffs
They're watching us.
Ay Nottingham Forest at home 😀