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Alex Ryan ☮
Great, my fucking fans overheated, now I have to buy another fan to cool down this fan to cool me down
How can it be sunny and boiling all week and then give us lightning and thunder on a Friday night 😪
Feel like I'm really getting the hang of LoL
Been listening to ill mind 7 on repeat since I got back from college
ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 7 is so sick 👌�
24 season finale's are always so amazing
Only one more day until I basically become a potato and do nothing for 2 months 😂
Times like this I regret getting the hottest fucking room on the planet 😅
2nd day playing League of Legends, safe to say I've got the hang of it already 😀�
Lemme hear you say waho
It's going to be too weird not having to get a train every day 😕
Last lesson of Psychology until September 😪😅
Never though I'd enjoy League of Legends but it's actually a pretty amazing game
I look possessed right now omfg
Can't believe 24 finishes tomorrow, first the World Cup now this 😪💔
Tbh I think I prefer all the nicknames than being called by my actual name, Alexander doesn't have that much of a ring to it anyway 😂😂
I know like 3 people who call me Alex 😂
The chase is on, the chase is on, the chase is on
He doesn't look a thing like Jesus but he talks like a gentleman like you imagined when you were young
Would love to travel to the future to see who will end up being a pornstar or stripper
How was @RobbieSavage8 getting in the bath in that montage?