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#Aquarius is not perfect. They'll annoy u, make fun of u, say stupid things, but u'll never find someone who loves u as much as they do.
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#Aquarius love their sleep but they hate when they can't shut their brain down. They could be up all night just by thinking.
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#Aquarius is not much of a follower. They accomplish more when they go solo. They just need the freedom.
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Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha
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Good I smoked with yo neck ass before i left candler rd
I see you on livemixtapes johnny 1k, you trynna make it out the hood huh?
You wasn't w/ me during failure bitch so fuck u when I succeed .. 📚🎓💰
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How many hoes do i have ?   Z    E     R      O      o       o      o      。     。    .    .     .     .
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If you don't laugh an #Aquarius's joke, you may as well consider it the end of your friendship with them.
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Just got off work, bout to go home and smoke by my lonely.
Ain't got no fuckin party on the weekend.
I just did three in a row them shifts is back to back to back now.
Why does twitter keep sending me notifications on who y'all follow? IDGAF! if your not following me I don't care 💯
#Aquarians love is intense, they will love you like no other. They're the best lovers better than everyone.
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She calls you when she's hungry 🍟🍔 she calls me when she's horny 🙈👅💦
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Where's the love if you love me? 😴😔
Niggas go thru breakups and listen to Drake, I go thru a breakup and listen to GBE... I'm tryna kill that bitch
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Our generation has lost the value of romance💏, the value of trust🔐, the value of conversation👂, and small talk is the new deep🙍
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I think my grandpa be getting sloppy tippy 😂👏👏👏👏
My grandpa stay with how's 😂😂😂😂
I don't wanna buy no more, yo shit don't get me high no more 🚬🙅
The drugs I keep calling it keep picking up, I think it love me.
The sky keep on falling
He serve all the money 💰💰💰
To get all these 100$ I hit up the whole the pharmacist.
My trap still bunkin !!!
Everybody pregnant. No house 🏡 no car 🚗 just pregnant 😂
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I'm trapped in my conscious 😔
Elle Varner is life 👌👏👏👏👏
Why Drake look like he about to give the hardest world history test of 2014?
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If my daughter ever made this face and said someone hurt her, chances are I'm going to jail for murder.
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All rappers sing now a days
Nope you can't follow me but your sister can 💯
I'm trying niggas on IG 😂😂
I was a hoe at mind 😒, not at heart👏👏👏
But yet I never smashed them all 😒
Met so many girls I had to put them all on schedule they ain't even know about.
Get some money in ya pocket then we can talk about relationship goals and what not.
I love them but their priorities is all fucked up.
I talk about girls like that's not all that I hang around 😂😂😂
Never been hit with either card.... Ever...and never will.
The faces y'all make when these girls hit you with that "Your dick is small," or "Your gay." Card 😂