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Zaxbys bussin at anytime of the day!
Niggas act a certain way around certain people.
Made me & @Im_vibing stucc ! When I poured🍼 that 2 litter up. 😳😴💤💤He didn't know what to do😂😂
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😂�@RiileyFreemanan: That moment when your Ex tweets about "loyalty" >>>>>>>>>>>>”
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Smokin two phillys for bob X_X
Peyton Manning to the illuminati, "I thought y'all niggas had my back?"
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tomorrow eli gon be like "ay peyton lets watch ya game one moe time"
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Niggas tomorrow when they supposed to be paying the money they bet
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Cancel the Super Bowl!!!!!
It should be a 21 skunk rule.
The only thing interesting about football is when niggas buck
Do I smoke weed? Yes Do I still get shit done in life? Yes
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You got 1 million followers but 600 tweets -_- you had to cut the check.
Niggas talk more than teachers these days.
Imma end up domin a 3.5
Why is my nephew up doin summer saltz????
You don't pull on dreads.... Ya tug.
These girls don't know how to pull on dreads...smh.
Fuckin all night will leave your dick sore for 2 days
That moment you don't give her attention, she's at yo bestfriend house rollin up.
These girls is not loyal, I kid you not.
Don't know no chick that say no!!!!!
Don't know no chick that I can't hit
💀😂😂@BrazilianLOUD_LOU@NishaLibraLibra: y'all ain't shit for”😩😂😭”
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Clip so long I can lean on it!!!!!
Aquarius season is almost hereeeee!
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I just told my nephew its time to lay it dow... He got under the cover and grabed a pillow 0_0 but cried for 20min then K.O
My nephew too smart... I just wanna how he able to respond to everything I'm saying he only 8 months
I dont think you noticed that you snitchin
I swear I got some shit wit my 3ro's @Im_vibing @tyl_luck coming soon ! #RK4L
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An #Aquarius is very good at hiding the fact that they're crushing on someone.
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I'm not living like I did before I'm good.
Everything I said I do I did.
This white boy just burned his cup noodles #Failure
Me & @Im_vibing needa stop smokein smh... We smoke all ya'll weed saCC In 1 6lunt !! 😂😂#HellIsYouDoinoin 😚💨⛽
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I swear a tornado coming.
New IPhones Users Be Like .. Me : Wassup Them : Heyyyyyyy 😂😩😒😴😳😌😫😎✋👋👏✈️🎉💯😫🙌😘😏2⃣✊😏👋😫✈️✋🙌🎉😴😴🍁🌴🍂🍂🌺🍃🌺🌴🌳🌱🌱🎉😫👋👋👋👋🌞🌝🌙🌠
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If I hear you brag about someone too much I be like " Well go suck his dick"
#Aquarius will not allow anyone to talk down to them!
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If she don't have her a Job, Car, or House she ain't my type.