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My 99th tweet! 🐥
She's adorable!!! I wish I had her
Unfollowing my unfollowers >:(
Pinkie and Dashie :33
She looks adorable! ^_^
@mlpshinelights: @ILuvmlp12 lot of times i didn't sleep all night.....” I did to Xd
Following randomly! :D
Are my followers ghosts?! O_0 None reply, retweet, or favorite.... GHOSTS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!
Who unfollowed?! 3:<
My Little Pony: FiM Season 4 - Apples to the Core…
1 universe, 8 planets, 204 countries, 804 islands, 7 seas, 7 billion people. Don't let 1 ruin your day.
Retweeted by ILuvmlp12
I follow back ;3
Omg 99 followers!! THANK YOU EVERYPONY!!!!!!!! :3
Omg, Jake Short is so cuteee!!!
Lol, FlutterPie! umm.. No wait, PinkieShy??
Lol, I Wroted my last tweet millions of times but I deleted them! XD
Best hairstyle? 1-Apple Bloom 2-Star Dreams 3-Princess Luna
Wow! This conversation is so swaggy! — Yep!! Swag!
Retweeted by ILuvmlp12
Why's time always on a hurry?? :3 I feel like I just opened my Twitter but I actually opened it hours ago! XD
A question for everypony... How did you get in my page and why did u follow me?!! (If u did..)
I wish that Fluffle Puff was in the show..
I'm getting some soon!!! :3
Needs to be in HD to be 20% cooler! :l
More followers.. More Tweets you get!! ;D
Bro-hoof! No wait,, bro-wing?! noo no.. Bro-..... Idk XD
True friends love! <33
Omg! I gained 22 followers in a day!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH EVERYPONY!!! :D
I want that pony so bad!! But she's to expensive :l
Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows! <33
YAY!! I finally won a bid! ;3 I'm getting princess Twilight!! Woo-HOO! :D
Why the heck am I always losing bids on eBay?!!
Lol, I'm getting followers so fast today!! I'M HAVING SOME GOOD LUCK!!!!
Getting some ponies soon from eBay!! Yayy! :D
Make sure to subscribe to me on Youtube! :D
Me: Directions to Sugar Cube Corner, please Siri: Directions to where?
Pinkie Pie's Siri is the best!!!!!!!
Having fun with Siri! LOL
That website gives followers! Check it out! ;D

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