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Vanessa Diego
yeah, @TinJoy042811 .. No. 1 supporter ko nimu. haha ;)
Aysesss! haha Di man ka dapat maulaw, @TinJoy042811 .. Tnan compliments na ginaingun sa imuha, tinuod man. ;))
If you are on God’s side. Retweet this. If you’re on the Devil’s side, keep scrolling.
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Fake smiling? I'm a professional at that.
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I'm in a relationship with my STUDIES and it's complicated.
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If you can't make things better, don't make it worst. 👊 ✌️ 🙏
Learn from it and grow! ♡
#NeverLookDownOnSomeone 😊👼👼👼
Caring daw? 🚫 haha #Virgo ∞ #lmao ♍️♈️
#DontArgue. (^‿^) #instaRepost via @PhotoRepost_app
#HOPE #PRAY #ForTheBEST #GoodMorning 🙏 ☝️ 🙏 ☔️ ( @textcutieofficial #TextCutie )
What the eF! 😄 #LMFAO ✌️
Thank you bfF lyn² for this cute earrings. (^‿^) #EightIsLove ∞
Thank you so much,yam @ivantwot for buying me this cutie ring. (^‿^)
Suroy daw? Waaaaaaaa... Ohh My! Hopefully matinoud. :D 😇 huhu Soon,te ging. ☝️ #Prayingg �#Prayingng #Prayinging �
Suroy daw? Waaaaaaaa... Ohh My! Hopefully matinoud. :D 😇 huhu Soon,te ging. ☝️ #Praying 🙏 #Praying 🙏 #Praying 🙏 😇
Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday to our One and Only Savior JESUS CHRIST.
Indeed! Jesus is Lord! 😇 Merry Christmas and happy birthday to the one and only Savior, Jesus Christ. <3 Thank you so much,Lord Jesus. <3 . . May you all have a happy and blessed Christmas. <3 To GOD be the Glory. <3
Pampalipas oras lang po. Kami lang man gud. :D With Cousin Angel and sissy @rulit_143 .. :))
Everyday is a good day that starts with GOD. Even the BAD things means GOD is teaching us something new. . GOD Bless. ♡
Stay strong. Make them wonder why you're still smiling. ^_________^ ❤️👆
Sa School. HAHA enebeyen -_- #Classmates #InstaCollage #ChristmasParty #DAWKUNO #lol 3:)
Yung gamit na kapag kailangan mo hindi mo makita. Kapag hindi naman kailangan tsaka naman pakalat-kalat.
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Pumasok ako sa library para mkapag'review. Pero, nauwi lang sa pagti-twitter. . HAHA Ohh My! 👌
Happy bday Tatay Sanicito "tito" Ching.Thanks,tay.& advance happy bday to Ate Ging's Husband,Don Berdeaux.:)
Happy 60th birthday Tatay Sanicito "tito" Ching. Salamat,tay. Mao rna akong maingun. hehe And advance happy birthday to Ate Ging's Husband, Don. :) ❤️ GODBLESS <3 👄
"If I win the crown, I will help promote camaraderie among countries." - Bea Rose Santiago #MissInternational2013❤️ #ClapClap 👏👏👏
HAHA mao jud, @iamcheryagua . 👏👏👏
Ulaw much! HUHAY! KFOIN! Kaya ni! Maka'move on rami ni @xhaiinita. . haha Sakit gud xa sa buot,Lord. Pero, dawat2 nlang mi ani. :( :)
There are no shortcuts to places worth going. ツ 👌
Everyone is not loyal, everyone is not your friend, everyone can't be trusted.
Drama lang! HEHE #LookUp #Mathet #AnnbisyosahAnnalyn #Vanessa #Classmates #IG :D 👩👩👩
Psssssssssssssssssssst! @xhaiinita :D
Google + Wikipedia → Copy → Paste → Change words a little → Print → HOMEWORK FINISHED. HAHA #RETWEEET
I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed.�Get along with the voices inside of my head.�You're trying to ...…
Hindi na kami pero parang kami parin. HAHA #enebeyen 👌