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Still up when I should be sleeping.
This application so simple, yet soooo hard, or I'm just over thinking it? lol.
It's so awkward eating in class, everybody staring -_-
Why did I order a Brooklyn style pizza lol..smh
Doing nada, so I guess I'm bouta get started on this internship app.
My mama fb hyper than mines lol. #Shame
These headphones so loud, I'm toooo geeked lol
Teacher told me I was the only one to get all the questions right on the exam. That just boosted my confidence lol
Elle Varner \ Wake - Rover >>>>>>>>
Teriyaki so nasty
Teacher and professor goin at it. I'm Rollin lmaoooo
Lmfaooo I'm so silly
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Spanish people always leaving messages on my phone lol
"@KarenClever: @ILoveYou_Star morning! Have a great day :)" Same to you!
But good morning!
The Oreo cookie dough taste like coffee. Ew
Gon be wearing my real hair for a while, tired of weave
Imma keep trying tho
I cannot save money for nothing...
"Turn the dark skinned against the light skinned & the light against the dark & they will remain slaves for atleast 300 years" -Willie Lynch
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My nephew a user.. always in my face when I got somethin to eat
Grrrrr. Why do I always leave my money at home?!?!?
Thinking bout starting my own blog. .
I hate this class!!!!
Time goin by so slow
This all she do.. watch YouTube videos lmfaoo. If only I knew her ig name
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Good morning and Happy Halloween!
#goodmorning #doubletap
Ron Isley - My favorite thing>>>
Lmao #repost #doubletap
Hate waking up extra early..