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This picture says it all, pleasure. Fifty Shades of Grey - Trailer
Retweeted by Chuckles… Shit can't wait. OMG! It's so hot. ;)
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there's a bitch witch in here. she's freakingly annoying. uggg. I'm gonna kill her. (hahaha) ;)
I looked so tall. so yeah. hit me baby one more time. wooh. we are the champ of the year. aren't we great? huh uh. :)
so much for the drama, I want fun... :D
my new pp in facebook. oha! finally, after a year I guess. lookie! :D #lindsaylohan #beybeh
epic faces. ;) laughing my ass out. lookie aren't they uhhmmmm.... hahaha #fun
my face after the party. :)) had so much fun. hello twitter. i miss yah. #lindsaylohan #partypooper #gatecrasher
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