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You want recognition from your peers today, but you still valu... More for Libra
You may be able to sail through the day, but you're still afra... More for Libra
Sharing your long-term aspirations with your colleagues is key... More for Libra
You often go out of your way to balance your needs with others... More for Libra
Although you have been sitting on the fence for a few days, yo... More for Libra
You're all business today and aren't interested in sharing you... More for Libra
You like the idea of going on a spiritual retreat today. In fa... More for Libra
You might have been planning on a day of peace and quiet, but ... More for Libra
You can't see very far down your current career path now, comp... More for Libra
On the surface it appears that you're just another member of t... More for Libra
You may feel pressured to make a career move today as the Canc... More for Libra
You can't seem to please your boss or your coworkers today no ... More for Libra
Your current passion for your work is prompting you to take yo... More for Libra
Motivating yourself these days can be a challenge because your... More for Libra
You might put on quite the show today, naturally playing the r... More for Libra
Your work is demanding more of your time these days, and being... More for Libra
Making steady progress at work today leaves you with a feeling... More for Libra
Your expectations may be outrageously unrealistic while sexy M... More for Libra
Someone is pushing your buttons today and you're likely to tak... More for Libra
You may experience a dilemma around what is public and what is... More for Libra
You may be bewildered about which chores you should do today, ... More for Libra
Although you are eager for a play day, you're aware that the f... More for Libra
Your playful mood frees you from the weighty issues that have ... More for Libra
You might as well keep your glass slippers polished, since at ... More for Libra
You could anticipate the future with such enthusiasm that you ... More for Libra
Your ingenious ideas empower you to convince others to collabo... More for Libra
An unexpected opportunity comes as a total surprise today, so ... More for Libra
You are edging toward taking a risk in the realm of love and r... More for Libra
You might nostalgically long for the good old days of cool obj... More for Libra
Your mood continues to lift over the next few days, giving you... More for Libra
Your vulnerability can complicate relationships as the reflect... More for Libra
Seeking balance is a never-ending struggle, but this search fo... More for Libra
It seems as if everyone has his or her particular idea of what... More for Libra
Containing yourself is nearly impossible today even if you're ... More for Libra
Blind optimism morphs into enlightened realism today as your b... More for Libra
Your growing desire to be a part of a larger community motivat... More for Libra
Although there is an action-packed day in store for you, it fe... More for Libra
Although you prefer being the cool-headed one that others can ... More for Libra
Your need to help others at work can make you feel indispensab... More for Libra
You are highly motivated to let go of desires that only have a... More for Libra
You're quick to take center stage today, especially if you're ... More for Libra
One of your primary roads to personal growth is through your c... More for Libra
You often excel at playing the diplomat, but peacekeeping isn'... More for Libra
The romantic energy you're feeling could be overpowered today ... More for Libra
Thoughts of an exotic journey have been floating around in you... More for Libra
People seem impossible to read today. You might go out of your... More for Libra
Comparing your idealistic fantasies with your current commitme... More for Libra
Often you are blessed in having the Scales of Libra assisting ... More for Libra
Although you appear to be the quintessential friend today, you... More for Libra
Managing your relationships may require kid gloves today as yo... More for Libra

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