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Today in 1969 #Apollo11 astros took the first steps on the moon. A great moment in history! Do you remember watching?
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i just met a girl who had light up shoes she was pretty cool but her shoes were cooler soz not soz… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
snoop jesus livin young wild n free
Forza Jules
Actual photo of @yishan taken at the @reddit office minutes ago.
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danger 5 is the best
rule one of festival organisation: dont have two massive, similar headliners at the same time its bloody silly eh mutiny
gorgon city and knife party at the same time @MutinyFestivals are u kiddin
Such a convincing argument, brb becoming muslim I live not having freedom and democracy and basic fucking rights…
theres a difference between a lecture and fucking blowing people up though isnt there…
no, because its a backwards ideology with no place in a modern society at all…
would it be so fast growing if thousands werent forced into it?…
my house > middle eastern mud huts…
isnt that what ISIS is trying to do?…
seriously though why are you trying to put us back in the dark ages you stupid cunt…
put this guy away for the rest of his life, how dare he hurt a feminists feelings :( :( :(
trying to get james to organise anything is less fun than poking needles into your eyes
Chinese peasants were forced to build the Terracotta Army, which is an offensive symbol of slavery. Destroy it.
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Leftists want to destroy the largest bas relief sculpture in the world in the name of political correctness.…
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Every day, so-called liberals move ideologically closer to ISIS - destroying historical artifacts that "offend" them.…
Retweeted by mike
so keen for plymouth next week, can't wait for steve aoki to smash my box.
Retweeted by mike
back with that hard street shit
STREET // NGHTMRE is finally out, only been waiting like 3 months for it
@JD___9 I'm just flirting w someone's mother. Leave me alone
Retweeted by mike
do these fucks even listen to themselves
"a gender for when its too stressful to have a gender"
what is this absolute fuckery
Did the Ku Klux Klan invent dressing like shit ghosts?
Retweeted by mike
The life of a social justice warrior.
Retweeted by mike
still in so much awe from hardwell and aokis sets yesterday holy fucking balls
oh and carnage/dirty south/philip george were dece too
sigma/hardwell/aoki/DV&LM/mistajam/pendulum all absolutely killed it yesterday, I take back all the bad things I said about EDC
well luton is... nice? ok no, it isnt
"I remember when I was like 13 and my dads car had heated seats and they gave me an erection" #JustBertieThings
Is there a person alive who wouldn't pay for a Battle Royale remake with feminists and social justice warriors instead of Japanese kids
Retweeted by mike
Eli Roth's new horror movie target: social justice warriors…
Retweeted by mike
dont know why I though examples new song would be anything other than atrocious
cant believe I bothered getting a ticket for edc everything about it just looks fucking wank
some of the sob stories on this labour students page are an absolute joke, unbelievably selfish attitude

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