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Reading my texts to Mike last night and I'm never leaving my room again such an embarrassment to myself
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Charlie Sheen having HIV is a better punchline than the writers of Two And A Half Men managed in twelve years.
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I've listened to nothing but early 80s Angolan hip-hop today. Scenes.
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My mate Tarpin Thork just opened a safe pop-up shop selling nothing but fingerless gloves. Lucre.
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Mate, I'm all about this new coffee vaporiser. Drinking is for glum pamphlets.
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Hacker group Anonymous have declared war on ISIS after the Paris attacks... This is probably the closest ISIS will ever get to 72 virgins
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bloody tops like but the vikings could do better💯�…Qe
It took less than a minute before Todd Gurley started full-blown hurdling people. Oh dear. #CHIvsSTL
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madonna is a trap queen now
Bieber needs to stop hoying these absolute anthems out because I'm now a fucking belieber
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i actually cant stop listening to chvrches atm
.@KimmelDan is throwing gay people off buildings and then stoning their bodies not evil if you think it's best for your community?
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i hate how good biebs new album is
why is it usually the people with like 3 teeth and a btec in shampooing always the ones with the worst opinions
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How nobody's ever needed Netflix and chill more than ISIS
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Why you should just stop killing people you fucking idiots
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Black Lives Matter and Mizzou protesters are complaining at losing the media spotlight. Really.
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Sky News just cut away from their own invited guest before he had the chance to identify ISIS. "There really only is one..." Cut off.
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La liberté sera toujours plus forte que la barbarie. Notre meilleure arme, c'est notre unité.
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because shooting innocent, unarmed civilians is so fucking noble isnt it you fucking cockwombles
You're not fighting for anything with a gun in your hand against innocent people
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boy I wish I was that enlightened
Wake up to a slap in the face with this hands-on alarm clock
Retweeted by ʷʰᵒ ᶜᵃʳᵉ… this whole album is so savage i love it✊💦💦
so much negativity surrounding mad decent boat party, just because someone likes to rave doesnt make their life worthless jesus christ
what a positively godawful morning
the world is spinning like crazy
i think i may still be drunk
My head is fucking pounding
NEW, by me: Shia LaBeouf is livestreaming himself watching his own movies.…
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love how he hates me xoxo
cant believe ive ended up in ryans flat for pres, 100% expecting to get knifed before i leave

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