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Hater Motivated
Unchangeable circumstances prevent you from sharing everything... More for Gemini
old mfs be like pull yo pants up but sometimes i cant to much money in my pockets $$$$$$$$$$
Judge not that ye be not judged - hebrews 11:1
My ponytail draping on yo weave 󾌴 — feeling accomplished
I love driving this 300! No more walking! — feeling blessed
You may seem somewhat contentious to those around you today, b... More for Gemini
You might inadvertently dig your hole a little deeper instead ... More for Gemini
"@TVSecrets: Kim Possible has been FaceTiming since 2002" this aint even funny
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Happy birthday to the stay fly pilot Los breezy if people only knew how much u motivate me to stay focused yes...
Enjoying this weather! Change is good! — feeling relaxed
Clear thoughts grow fuzzy around the edges now that your plane... More for Gemini
You might not run into any obstacles today, yet slowing down i... More for Gemini
#touchdowntocausehell back to this money! Fwm! — feeling free
Although you rarely lack for things to do, the Sun's entry int... More for Gemini
Although you like to have a plan in place, you often reserve t... More for Gemini