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Times still runnin and my minds still runnin
Is you ready? You seem ready
5000 RTs & I'll grab the mic & yell "fuck her right in the pussy
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I love working 5am-1pm everyday 😒👍
That feeling when you wake up from a nap during the day and you have no idea what's going on 👀I feel slow 😂😂
when ur imessage isnt working and you have to send it as a text message
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Back to work I gooo!
this nigga gives 0 fucks lol look at the computer screen
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Went home with lots of tip money woo 😛👍
Opening Blend tomorrow at 6am! 😊👍
This is definitely what Snow White should've looked like 😊
I love my job 😊and being able to leave whenever I want!
My sister graduates with her bachelor degree today! 😊👍
My manager gave me $140 to spend at target! Easy day at work 😛👍
Another fun day at work creating recipes! Probably going to target with my manager to pick up some supplies!😊👍
I have one 10am shift next week and the rest are 5am shifts 😩but at least I have the weekend off 😊👍
I love my new job 😛I'm in charge of so much! I even get to create the recipes for all the drinks!