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Totally not surprised that I bumped into @ijustine and @jennaezarik camping outside the apple store!…
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About to head in!! #iPhone6 :D
Almost time to go in! Achievement unlocked - 1st in line! Phone soon! So tired!
41 hours down. Only 7 more hours and we will get our phones! #iPhone6
So there's a line a mile long for the new iPhone6's tomorrow. I told a friend $10 @ijustine is here.…
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First in line with @jennaezarik - Been here for 27 hours so far. Having a great time (I think) #iPhone6
Well.. We're first in line. Been here for 27 hours so far. Having a great time (I think) #iPhone6
This iOS 8 installation is going really smoothly, said…… anyone yet?
iOS 8 tomorrow. I’m ready.
Thinking about __________ ?
It's so little!!!!!!!!!
Going to be very sad when my gaming binge has to end 😭 it's been nonstop FUN
Played some beach volleyball today. So much fun! And now back to the Destiny grind 😜
Minion cupcakes! These are so cute!!
Shooting an #askij with @jennaezarik - ask us some questions!! :D
Happy Friday!
Falling asleep at keyboard. I think I have a new iPhone but nothing is working so I have no idea. Will cry self to sleep.
Had so much fun hanging and gaming with @ijustine & @jennaezarik tonight!
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I don’t even know what I just ordered
So.. what’s everyone doing right now?
I haven't been doing my work because I've been playing too much Destiny. Jenna left me these notes as a reminder ALL OVER MY OFFICE!!!
Wow thank you everyone! I hit 2 million subs on YouTube today :) I love you guys! This is so exciting! 🎈☺️🎉
@twitter joined twitter in February 2007 but @ijustine joined twitter in October 2006, what?
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She's been playing Destiny for the past 30 hours, so she might not notice, but congrats to @ijustine! She's going to hit 2M subs today!
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Can’t believe it has been 13 years since 9/11 😞❤️🇺#NeverForgetget
That iPhone 6 and Apple Watch is GONNA LOOK SO GOOD ON MY BODY 😂 replying to comments on my latest YT video about it. Link in bio, or go here to leave some! Come chat!
Been playing Destiny all day. Need to level up. NEED. TO. LEVEL. UP.
A demo of Apple Pay - looks promising!
Replying to comments all day on my latest vid about iPhone 6 - what did you guys think about the announcement?
Video game posture #destiny
Recapping the Apple Event with @leolaporte @alexlindsay over at :D
I’m not sure if I want to feel someone else’s heartbeat on my wrist lol #applelive
Jeff loves sushi
I better be able to snapchat from this Apple watch
How much is it and when CAN HAS #applewatch
I’m going to listen to this @therealjonyive Apple Watch video as my bedtime story every night #applewatch #applelive
lol.. connect intimately with the Apple Watch? Wait…. what?
one more thing!!!!