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Jay Foley
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Hey @planetjedward THE LOOK - Club Mix got played in Colors nightclub again last night thanx to @ItsThatGuyJay 👍😊
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My mate @ItsThatGuyJay is the DJ n he mixed my sing n starred in my video @planetjedward n I'm goin to celebrate 2night hahaha
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When you get made to feel like a total psycho .....
🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY JAY 21�@ItsThatGuyJayay hope u have an Amazing day❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Check out my new #Music twitter account and give it a cheeky #Follow! @JayFoleyMusic#Retweet #Promotion #NewSinger
@ItsThatGuyJay Thank you too, Jay! Keep pursuing your dreams :-)
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If you guys could go follow my new music account it would be much appreciated! @JayFoleyMusic #Retweet #NewAccount #Music #Follow
Tonight's been fukkin immense, met another bassist n drummer n also our CLUB MIX may be getting played at Ministry of Sound @ItsThatGuyJay
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So tired this morning! Why don't you guys go check out my new #Music twitter account @JayFoleyMusic <3
Check out my new #Music twitter account @JayFoleyMusic :) #Retweet
Morning guys! Please head on over and like @JayFoleyMusic to keep up to date with my music! #Retweet #NewMusic #NewArtist #Jayzettes
Head on over to my music twitter account to hear the demo of my first single #RoadToNowhere! @JayFoleyMusic
Could you guys go and follow my new music twitter account please! <3 @JayFoleyMusic #Follow #RT #Music #Singer
On the plus side, I'm heading into the studio to record my first track next week or week after! #RoadToNowhere #ExcitingTimes #NewSong #RT
That's one thing I haven't missed being in Tenerife!
I swear my neighbours need a fucking mute button! #STFU
I've emailed dance tracks wtc to radio station @ItsThatGuyJay they are gonna start playing it from next week I think
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REMIX is immense I prefer if wivout the hornyness @ItsThatGuyJay gonna send the radio station all of em cse he's asked for all versions
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Guys go follow my #Music twitter! @JayFoleyMusic <3 #FF
So new song is written... Now to record it and work on harmonies... Don't like this part!
Could you guys go follow my new music twitter please! @JayFoleyMusic <3
@leighluscious1 @richandersone best of luck sweetheart you'll be fantastic got my radio on ooooo im so excited for you
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I'm locked in to the @richandersone show on livery radio, sky channel 0186 waiting for @leighluscious1 :D #TheLook
Producing a great radio show with @leighluscious1 on The @richandersone Show. She has been crowned on this day. #music #singers #London
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#Jayzettes and #Lushettes make sure you lock into sky channel 0186 this morning to hear the fab @leighluscious1 on @richandersone's show! <3
So gunna do a mini radio show! Who fancies hearing @leighluscious1's #TheLook??
Obviously I'm a total diamond! ;) Make sure you head on over and download @leighluscious1's new single #TheLook…
So I just watched the last ever @DropDeadDiva .... That can't be the end I NEED more! :( Such a beautiful ending though! ♥
So being as im awake early, please go and dowload your copy of #TheLook by my friend @leighluscious1 <3 <3 <3
@ItsThatGuyJay omg @margaretcho followed me 😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😇 so amazing!!!!
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Check out my final performance t @FactorEssex6… I loved it so much! Hope you enjoy it! ♥ ♥ ♥
And why is England hot? This like never happens!
And I just remembered I have a fan in my bedroom now! Can't wait to get home! #SoWarm
Tenerife was amazing though... Some lovely sights, very hot, nice people and good clubs!
England im home! :D Can finally use my phone again! #HappyDays #HolidaysOver
@ItsThatGuyJay @leighluscious1 yay!!!!!!!! Really missed you, need to catch up ASAP xxxx
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Its holiday tiiiime! @DJDeweyD we'll see you soon!! :D #Tenerife #Holiday