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Harry Shum Jr
From suits to sweaters, these NFL stars are killin’ it #Swag
.@MsProudLeanatic People who are taller than me. Oh wait, you mean...ok. I look up to my Mom & Dad for juggling a family & work #AskHarryEW
.@MoncheleBitches In TV you have to shoot an hour of content in 10 days and in film, you might have 2 months to do that. #AskHarryEW
Q7: @HarryShumJr: How was filming a movie different from filming a TV show? #AskHarryEW via @MoncheleBitches
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.@laushababe I love Mike Chang's color scheme in his outfits. He goes SUPER BRIGHT so you'll never lose sight of him (Hope so) #AskHarryEW
Q5: @HarryShumJr: What’s your favorite thing about Mike Chang? #AskHarryEW via @laushababe (P.S. is he coming back?)
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.@SweetPurpleD I just finished playing a martial arts super hero in"Crouching Tiger.." & loved it! Maybe a Chef w/ super powers #AskHarryEW
Q3: @HarryShumJr: What kind of character do you want to play next? #AskHarryEW via @SweetPurpleD
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.@surrahMG A lot of extras in the movie who didn't speak Chinese so in between shots, I would teach them all curse words in.. #AskHarryEW
Q2: @HarryShumJr: Any fun stories from the set of ‘Revenge of the Green Dragons’? #AskHarryEW via @surrahMG
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.@aaronjperez I have been known to "Shake It Off" when I get ready but I've been obsessed with @CHVRCHES whole album..
Q1: @HarryShumJr: What ‘jamz’ have you been dancing to lately? TSwift? #AskHarryEW via @aaronjperez
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Ready to answer your questions @EW and make sure to #askHarryEW
Hope you east coasters enjoyed the show tonight! Mountain and West Coast get ready! #funtimes #fakeoff
For peeps that want to watch the Superbowl summed up in 90 seconds, @PUSHtheatre just did it. #FakeOff
Michael Curry’s design expertise is amazing. Great choice of judges #FakeOff
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Inspirati did some really cool "fakes" with the cartoon theme. It reminded me of a cartoon iPod commercial. #fakeoff
Hell yeah! #fakeoff is trending right now!
Didn't really know what the show was about. But I get it. Only a few minutes in and I think I'm hooked. Haha. #FakeOff
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As a HUGE fan of Breaking Bad, I loved the Heisenberg "fake" from @ADHK and I want the mask for Halloween. #FakeOff
@HarryShumJr Wilderbe was my favorite out of all of them. Their performance actually got me really emotional #fakeoff
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Wilderbe blew me away! This performance was perfect. Such a neat way to tell the #titanic story in such a short period of time #fakeoff
What did you guys think about The Body Poets? Did they have some good "fakes?" #FakeOff
Ok, @officialchilli get it with that zipper dress! I see you! #fakeoff
"the very beginning of time…" sorry english was my third language…I am still working on it…haha #fakeoff
This was a great "fake" on Mario Bros and I loved the mushroom size up effect! #fakeoff
Alright East Coast! We are on!! #FakeOff and first up are the talented b-boys @thebodypoets who get challenged with the video game theme
EAST COAST! 15 minutes until #fakeoff premieres on @truTV! Join me as I live tweet during the show and twhisper little secrets to you.
"TruTV has truly created a flashy and worthwhile series..."“@THR: 'Fake Off': TV Review” YAY!
@GDLA: Haven’t seen @HarryShumJr in too long great to catch up on his new project #fakeoff” so much fun chatting!
PSA: #FakeOff premieres TONIGHT at 9/10c on @truTV! Be sure to follow along with me as I live tweet tonight's show!…
DON'T. FORGET. TO. HASHTAG. See you guys tonight at 9/10c! @trutv #FakeOff #Premiere
Just finished @GDLA with the lovely @lisabreckenridge #fakeoff #watchtonight @trutv
Getting ready for @GDLA to talk about #fakeoff with my slicked back hair trying to look GQish. #tunein
I just saw a commercial for #FakeOff and I'm so excited to see @HarryShumJr on my tv again!
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Rosamund Pike. 👏👏👏#gonegirlegirl
Landed and all I want is some freakin' Chipotle!! #extraguac #nosourcream
If you're big fans of Glee @HarryShumJr he looks fantastic in this role as Paul Young in #RevengeOfTheGreenDragons
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This guy said his teeth eyes took 5 hours to make and he could only see shapes when he has it on... That's dedication for some teeth eyes.
Went to Armageddon (NZ Comic-Con) today to walk the floor with @pangeerz and had a good time with our $15 mask from The Warehouse. #peoplearefullout #amazingcostumes