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How Diversity Makes Us Smarter - (
Airline food on demand. How about no thanks! - (
What a load of crap. The caste system has been around for so long. Do these guys know history? - (
Google's Nexus 9 is made by HTC and coming very soon - (
Apple's Stock Price Matches Its High From 2 Years Ago. What's Next? - (
5 startups that could radically transform the world around us | VentureBeat | OffBeat - (
Cold emails. Highly underrated.
(Ironically) the least successful co-CEO arrangements are when both the execs are equally in control. - (
I always figured mobile was going to be a crucial game for Tenreads, and having used the iOS app for a few days now, I can just see how much
"Apple, once the epitome of simplicity, is becoming the unlikely poster child for complexity." Well written. - (
Angel investors for the ISIS. - (
Dancing With the Start-Ups - - (
Standard reactions | Macworld - (
Modi too shrewd to be derailed by nationalist symbolism, says the man who interviewed him — Fareed Za - (
A beautiful article which shows us just how self-centred and stupid most of us are.
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I really should stop listening to this song. 🎶
World population to keep growing this century, hit 11 billion by 2100 - (
To go or not to go, is the question.
Zak Ebrahim, Author Of 'The Terrorist's Son' : NPR - (
The UX responsibilities of a Product Manager – Part 2 - (
Here's how well Google's search engine knows you - (
Just wait until the Alibaba Watch comes out.
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App for crowdsourcing baby names. Whatte startup idea. _/\_
Infusing fear because of infused fear? #racism - (
Why Terrorist Groups Are So Bureaucratic - Sarah Green - (
As someone said last year, Wall Street disappointed that iPhone queues only 2 miles long this time. :P
"In other news, a senior anchor at Doordarshan has been sacked for calling Xi Jinping, Eleven Jinping. On national television." ROFL.
Heated debate with friends on Facebook over RBI mandate wrt Uber/2FA, etc.
Facing significant lag on Yosemite. Wonder why.
"If there is a rule on the book, we don’t allow it to be violated simply because the innovation is cool."…
Hey @SlackHQ your Asana integration seems confusing; not as clean as other ones. Issue on your end or @asana's? Please fix :)
Alibaba Prices IPO at $68 a Share with $168B Valuation - (
This is a very cool Siri feature. Obviously.
Twitter Removes Tweet Embeds From its Desktop Service - (
Vaazharaan. "Jony Ive now owns Steve Jobs’ private jet" --
SwiftKey on iPad: two major minuses -- no swiping possible (duh?) and unable to split keyboard.
God bless all service providers who let you download Payment Histories for the whole financial year.
Realizing the importance of financial documentation. Probably more vital than code docs. Lol.
Those who claim fund raising is the most difficult part of running a company have clearly not done year end audits for how they spent it.
A huge discovery about prime numbers—and what it means for the future of math. - (
The iOS 8 Notification Center widgets look ugly as fuck. :/
Five iOS 8 features you'll love - (
TNEB really needs to get an iPhone app. #FirstWorldProblems
"A real smart phone would tell you to read something." :)
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What to Do When You Have Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Time - (
A Paul Graham classic. :) "The 18 Mistakes That Kill Startups (via @Pocket) #longreads"