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We are looking for really talented A-class DevOps guys w/ 2y exp to join our team @Tenreads at Chennai. Please RT. :)
The best thing on design, you'll read today:
WFIO day.
Desivelopers rejoice:
On the way back to Chennai.
That is all sweet, mate. But how many people are even aware that their phone has it and how many non geeks use it?
I'm amazed by the retarded logic that keeps popping up about NFC and Android vs iPhone. About android having had NFC for a while now.
Every Single Device Connected to the Internet - via @reddit - click for big pic Small
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Freshly pressed : Harry Holly helped make the fast food hamburger possible. — The Distance (via @Pocket) #longreads
... or rather sent.
I'm amazed by the amount of @_shankarganesh's mind voice I could catch. He sends me the same article I was about send him, on Pocket. 😂
When you name your restaurant Vindhu, I can't help but chuckle. 😂
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci
Why the Best New Apps Are Going iPhone-First
iOS First. Android Much, Much Later – Haywire (via @Pocket) by @semil…
Surprised that text messages from bank showing current balance, don't end with 'LOL!'
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The Physics of Productivity: Newton’s Laws of Getting Stuff Done (via @Pocket)
Hello, Bengaluru. 😀⛅️
Dad took over the wheel and I took over the iPhone. Hello, Hyperlapse. You're a beauty. :D
I don't know why, if, we are going to have NFC on iPhone 6. It is going to be big for payments, sure, but feels a tad early for that shift.
"Traction ... is like Supreme Court's definition of porn. You'll know it when you see it." -- @naval #awesomeness
100% to 95% in 40 minutes. Way to go, iPhone. 😕
God level: "How I got my startup to #1 on both Product Hunt and Hacker News by accident (via @Pocket) #longreads"
3D printing makes picking locks easier than ever. IoT enables new forms of locking. Security bound to change forever.
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It'd be very interesting to see "if" the iWatch answers the basic question of what I'd be using such a device for.
I have a problem with App Store URL schemas. I hate the random number in it. Why can't it be…
Tremendous expectations from Cupertino this time. Much more than earlier.
The world is watching, Apple. Deliver. :)
Don’t let the price tag fool you: Snapchat isn’t a late stage company - (
Happy five years, @a16z. Congratulations, @pmarca. :) - (
The best thing you will see on the Internet today:
Burger King buying Tim Hortons - (
Uber Aggressive. Uber Mean. Uber Nefarious. Uber Uber.
Uber crazy sabotaging.
“There Are Only a Few Ways to Scale User Growth: Here’s How (via @Pocket)” by @andrewchen. As usual, an awesome post!
Sketch Mirror for iOS is probably the best $5 spent this month. God level this app is.
Nothing beats wireframing on paper with a plain old pencil. ❤️
Birthday far away but I thought I'd just signup for charity: water and do something.
That feeling when you are mentioned on a Secret thread for nice reasons. :D
Just because something works, doesn't mean it is right. :)
There is some real senseless, random shit happening in the name of growth hacking. :\
How can I, or rather why should I, refer a product before I try it out and find it satisfactory?
I really don't understand this "Refer a friend" to bump up the waitlist strategy product designers take to growth.
This maybe a problem for programs like Google's Services for Kids. #coppa - (
Woah. Congrats, @dharmesh and @HubSpot :)
HubSpot files to go public with a $100M IPO - (
.@harinarainn sorry, next time I'll try to be a woman. xD