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“Why do you need to buy a power drill when you use it only twice a year?” Inc. on why sharing economy will work.
I never thought I'd say this about any Android app, let alone our own, but I'm in love with this! :D
Art Held Hostage: Why Sony Not Releasing “The Interview” Is Scary - (
U.S. Said to Find North Korea Ordered Cyberattack on Sony…
Friend's death. 350 kilometers of travel. Two cups of tea. Midnight music. System Architecture issues. Work. And still loving life.
Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel on being hacked: "I felt like I was going to cry all morning"
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Super thrilled to be working on the new iOS app for @Tenreads. Didn't release the prev coz we didn't like it much.
This is sad. "Everything we learned from Marissa Mayer on how not to run a company."…
Death is a constant, painful reminder of how fragile life really is.
Cab driver instructing us to ask our friends to share location over WhatsApp so that we can navigate using GMaps. Hi, mainstream adoption.
Two minute silence in Indian schools today in honour of their slain classmates in Peshawar, Pakistan. The future is in these gestures.
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1/ The two groups that call their customers users are tech companies and drug dealers.
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This is the most painful thing I have seen in a while.
Sleep, little one, For the world ain’t yet pretty. Sleep, little one, For the men in it are petty. #Peshawar
Officially crossed the Evernote monthly quota. Must upgrade, it seems. -_-
Zomato is gonna do what I've been wanting to do for long. :D
“How To Speak Startup” SaaS — It loses money. LOL…
“No one’s private life can totally withstand public scrutiny."
The Newsroom. A good show. Too sad to see it go.
Have only two invites left. Signup for @Tenreads:…
MOOCs Aren’t Revolutionizing College, but They’re Not a Failure - (
The Slippery Question of What Makes a Great Book - (
#startupserials Kyunki SaaS bhi kabhi Consumer Web thi.
Not much of a startup-patriot, but it is good to see Flipkart’s name in the Billion-Dollar Startup Club…
WhatsApp might be working on a web client - really want this.…
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It shouldn’t be this hard to find a watch with nothing on the dial, but for the needles. Giordano ones seem the closest to a great one.
Why You Can't Resist Clicking on This Article: The Clickbait Conundrum
Re-reading old conversations and smiling like an idiot. One of the most highly underrated joys of life.
Why Google should leave Europe - (
Yarr! Humans evolving to escape from bacterial iron piracy - (
Baidu Reportedly Invests $600 Million Into Uber - (
Top U.S. companies founded by 1st/2nd gen immigrants: 1 Apple 2 Google 3 IBM 4 Oracle 5 Facebook 6 Amazon 7 Qualcomm 8 EMC 9 eBay 10 VMware
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Anyone has any idea when that rumored streaming service from Apple is coming? I'd be first to subscribe! 😀
Another Socialist paradise lost. #Venezuela’s default imminent as it got $21bn and owes $21bn.
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I see Twitter as 21st century newswire but definitely not Instagram as a 21st century Polaroid, if we were to draw analogies from history
.@ev's judgement is correct. Comparing Twitter and Instagram is nuts in the first place. More so, by number of users. (1/n)
🎶 Mona Mona.
Chumma too many negative reviews for Lingaa. Movie is good. Climax sucks. Not Kochadaiyaan. Not Padaiyappa, either.
I've given up on Windows Phone - (
Have a few @Tenreads invites to give away. Signup via…
Moving to a safer Delhi, together. #Uber
Aiyo hinduism blog'ae kaanume Ada, Hinduism'ae kaanumaam :P @gokulns
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70 million photos are shared on Instagram. Everyday. Oh, boy! - (
On Product Design. — Gokul Nath Sridhar…