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'But the thing about “Simple” is that Simple is perfection. Simple is not your starting point.' - (
Memo to my daughter: “Keep your eye on the ball and hit hard” - (
I really don't understand what this guy is speaking. :/
But yeah pretty much the same old boring Neyveli crowd. Meh. :/
Ah. Going to sister's school farewell. Hard to imagine five years have flown by since I passed out of the same school.
The Malaysia Airlines Shootdown Spells Disaster for Putin - (
Awesome @andrewchen is awesome. :D The Viral Startup -- a really wonderful book. Thanks, Andrew.
For one, I really love how Amazon is going about this whole 'building an ecosystem' thing. Kindle Unlimited FTW.
Why big, high-fidelity brands should not target mass markets. - (
"The real reason most people began mocking the design is that it was fun. And, that is what Airbnb was aiming for."
The "Just In Time" Theory of User Behavior - (
Putting Magic in the Mundane - (
So, we did do the impossible. Got an Airtel connection for the office. cc: @imprashere and @techieV2 :D
You Can’t Be a Great Manager If You’re Not a Good Coach - (
Defiance Is the Key to Weathering Startup Negativty - (
Manzama raises $1.3M to keep more people from drowning in information - (
So many high profile exits at Google. Red flag?
"You’ll never earn a living wage unless you have a college degree. This is patently untrue." - (
EXCLUSIVE: Malaysian plane was brought down by Soviet-era Buk missile system used by separatists, according to Ukrainian Interior Ministry.
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Well, not NSA exactly, but still. Shocking.
Tor -- built by NSA, for NSA? @imprashere, tell me this isn't true. :O - (
I retract my stand on Yo! I think seemingly stupid products have to potential to be big later on. Hello, SnapChat.