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The set up last week on their website was smart. whoever made them change that is silly, now everyones gonna stream on bootleg sites instead
MAN! Just when i thought AMC were onto a good thing they go and add having to sign in to your cable provider to watch episodes online.
"Work" is platinum?! woah! that song is extra special to me. i think its one of the things ill be forever proud of - thanks guys!
Im seeing a lot of people helping to vote forme at the AMAs on my timeline, thanks guys!
Thanks for all your very sweet notes and gifts tonight guys! Can't wait for our mail box! Soon!
😢 I must've been 15 or 16 here. Someone just posted it and now I miss my long hair. 😩 Don't go too light with your color or it'll break off ladies! #Lessons
Tonight at the rave! You guys were awesome thanks for a good time. 😇
While I've been away my girls took a stroll on the star walk. #Divas
Call #OpenHouseParty (800) 669-1010 and request #BlackWidow! Thank you John Garabedian for all the love! #OHP
Listen to #SaturdayNightOnline tonight and keep requesting #BlackWidow! Lets make it most requested!
You guys are the absolute cutest
i wish my little doggies could have came along.
currently on my way to you Minneapolis. :-)
what is @ENews problem @IGGYAZALEA posted serious stuff about domestic violence & you trivialise it shame on you don't make light of it
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i love online window shopping. i browse and add things to my cart but never actually bother to checkout. is that like chewing and spitting?
i have such a great collection of witnesses now and I'm really excited to get my day in court and see justice prevail.
Since this whole "common law divorce" thing has gone public thankfully I've had so many women support me and come fwd with info.
Ive avoided texas entirely for the last 5 years. when i do go now i have a police escort & two armed bodyguards, evidently for good reason.
Why is her truth being overlooked in favor of sensationalism? It makes me so sad & my heart goes out to Annette Buitrago.
saying he stalked, headbutted and tried to strangle her in january after their 7 year relationship ended.
The thing that i find awfully sad about this whole story is that the mother of this mans 3 year old child is in court right now...
Actually proving it in court is another story im just waiting to get infront of a judge so it can be disproven & obtain a restraining order
Unfortunately to file common law "divorce" all you need is three of your friends to sign a statement swearing the persons story is true.
I also was told yesterday via his lawyer if i do not settle out of court they will go to the press and say i gave him an STD, whats next?
My lawyer agreed to be served "divorce" papers but they want to hire someone to serve me in person, probably so it can be another TMZ story.
Ive settled 2 old contracts privately. Both got a very fair sums & went on about their lives. Real cases are handled in court, not the press
Good morning glad you guys are loving the beg for it cover art!
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and i love love love to see and hear about other kids from all around the world discovering that maybe rap music is for them too. :-)
I'm the product of how powerful music is and how far it can reach. I'm one of those kids and i love it.
the point is for many music is more influential, relatable and inspirational than the place we live.
because the point is to defy the notion youre defined by the dirt underneath your feet.
to fill a song full of references about australia or any other place in particular would defeat the entire point.
Because i approach writing as if I'm making music for my 14 year old self to hear and i don't want her to feel left out.
I shared my journey in WORK but make it a point not to mention much about any place wether it be where i was birthed or where i now reside.
As a kid loved rap but alot of lyrics were SO heavily themed around where you came from, it made me feel i didnt have a place.
next saturday you guys will all hear beg for it from 6am onwards on the radio. <3 ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
i love the container store although i never buy anything. i just like to walk around and think of how organized i could be.
Hiiii my loves. hope you're doing well, I'm at home designing my mailbox :-p also halloween costume clue: I'm a twin.
I'm extremely excited for the hollywood bowl concert because i have a special guest!
maxim australia, thanks for the love and I'm sorry no one asked me. i would have love to have given an interview & done a shoot with u guys
clearly aren't respecting my wishes. a magazine cover deserves an accompanying photoshoot not a reused image.