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Na I'm jk but fuck northside
Dropped out fuck high school
social media will either introduce you to great perspectives that'll change yours, or a ton of people like you expanding your ignorance
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Today taught me to value life.
@HighTrappy: The "I forgot to text back" starter pack 😴😴
I'm just concerned my folk will have their name on some list if the next president decides to not follow Obama's executive order
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@dbrizle_: I just got severely beat up” that's what's up
Dont judge people on choices judge them on their actual person.
It takes a disciplined individual to change the negative patterns that have been deeply programmed into him.
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And Spanish class fuck
I hate math class fuck fuck fuck
Some things I want to just preach to the world but I don't have a voice yet...
There's a name for females who fuck with every nigga... we call them hoes
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Ricky about to get blocked word to shaq
Always talking shit a young brotha
Coach Starnes is a pussy
Khaki shorts, north face, a polo and sperrys. I hate u niggas
Bitches like em brainless, guns I like em stainless steal
Tupac x How do you want it #np
Got sipped out and forgot I had school
@BUNKJayme: Pulp Fiction is one of my favorite movies ever.”
Need that Krit for the whip.
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Need to get away from home fuck this
Bitch bitch bitch bitch
All my mom knows how to do is bitch
People think too much.
: #Project Revival #Project Revival #Project Revival #Project Revival #Project Revival #Project Revival Nov 19 2014 5pm @BUNK_Nino
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Showtime Premiere of @Nas': Time Is Illmatic doc on Dec. 12. Don't miss it! #TimeIsIllmatic
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Most of my so called friends don't even how to say what's up
From freshmen year to know my whole mentality has flipped. Crazy what life puts you through.
Ima die a real nigga. Feds come scoop, my mouth stays close.
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Shout to my awesome girlfriend @danielaproa for holding it down 😏
Shouts out my boy henny and twuan
All my niggas real about they business. Come test us.
if your girl is cheating on you, that's your fault because you're not hitting it right.
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I need some munchies
Most brands suck dick. It's all the same concept with a different label.
Big whoop u sell a shit ton of records, so have many artist before you. Whatelse u got? What u got for mankind? For the human race?
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Anyone and everyone can rap now. Its not an impressive field to be in anymore.
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