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Do you realize they playing fucking Katie got bandz at the Rick Owens fashion show in fucking Paris!?
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a lil Sade to help me deal with the bs today
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I want Krispy Kreme
Blu - Thriller (ft. Sene, Definite, and Cashus King) by naturesounds via #soundcloud…
Vince killed the xxl shit everyone else was weak lol
Fuck the law I'm selling drugs, fuck a job I'm bussin juggs
Wtf man I remember when she used to run to class
still holding, pistol toting, five oh ones w/ these ralph laurens
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Young ass niggas mobbing, screaming fuck the institution
Putting in almost 50 hours a week
Still ain't touch no white.
My uncles all banged and didn't care so why would I
I'm freaking out as soon as I get this money together I'm stuck to the music shit
Or I'm stuck hustling
Music shit about to pop tho cause I'm not about this construction shit
Courage the cowardly dog the scariest shit since stale rillos
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I want to go to one of Donald Trumps speeches things and throw a chancla at him por puto.
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Every nigga with a pair of joggers think they dress like Kanye or something
Angel has dank for me in Cali
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Nas x what goes around. You're welcome
fuc an awards show, if I aint there hahah
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K dot a god tho
I'm glad I've been off Twitter awards are stupid
For 1 cuz is barring out for 2 he can get put on the set whenever for 3 why is he in the jungle? I need answers bro…
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Id salute Leo before I'd salute a soldier
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I got clientele, I got clientele, I'm boomin
nigga was fed up w. the devil & his ways. 😫�
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25 lighters, got a pocket of stones
Sometimes I don't trust certain people
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Best fucking tacos fuck I'm happy
Blue flag on side of khakis, I'm smoking in green bay Packers
At pinnacle of nostalgia
In the hood
Today Lil B makes history because there is no longer self esteem nobody is beautiful! Nobody on earth is sexy or handsome just human - Lil B
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I was in that orange jumpsuit feeling like goku
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Idk how people in Cali function with this bud like wtf
Faded lol damn

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