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Bill Nye
wrestling golf comedy tattoos 654 followers
This girl is saying how Channing had a 3 way hahabaha
I'm about to make a twitter for Camerons dick
Yall know when you cook a hot dog too long? Does that remind you of something?
50 Favorites and timmy will send it to his mom
Riley just ruined this dudes life
His dick head look like it was nibbled on by a mouse
They're obviously idiots though because they didn't take the 160$ wallet.
Fuck I already have a shit ton of homework that I don't do until the day it's due.
I'm gonna be so annoyed tomorrow I guarantee it.
1000$ stolen from me. And the school is just gonna sit back and say "Well you shouldn't have had it at school" fucking pathetic punks.
I still can't believe what happened today. I guarantee that kid has a sad life.
"@frick_sarah: Technically Colton got the rate 😂" hahaha colton is a good looking fella!
Wrestling 34's on Saturday.
24 out of 36 people think I'm hot well shucks and fuck you 12 faggots
I'm a 6.7 on the hot or not app hahaha
"@StaggersWyatt: The Boys Academy in Lake Elsinore from the 1900's" fuckkkkk
Some people act like their life is so fucking awful when they have no idea what other people go through. Man The fuck up.
It's gonna be even more awkward popping every day in grubers if I have to sign in and out...
I'm confident about every class except math.
This whole world is shit