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Andrew F. Burton
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#Republic of #Crimea has a Wikipedia page: Being "independent" I expect an application for EU membership tomorrow.
96.6% at #crimea elections? A result in the Soviet tradition. According to the info I have lots of people came over from Russia to vote.
#YouTube throws 500 errors. I'm told to show this to their trained monkeys. Where's PETA when you need them? :-)
#Euromaidan. It's ok to call out all the criminals now, but what Ukrainians really need now are JOBS. There's no decent work to be found.
I was on #Euromaidan in 2004. In the crowds. Everyone was hopeful but later Yushchenko failed his people. Hope this time it's different.
Best livefeed from #Euromaidan. Tymoshenko in a wheelchair. I didn't expect that.…
Starting to provide WordPress child themes and plugins on Etsy:… Why Etsy? It's all about design, handmade, personal.
Why is this filed under "humor"? How about switching from "tiles" to "non-touch" OS areas? :-)…
Finally! A 4K TV has hit the top spot on Amazon's TV best sellers. It's the Seiki Digital no frills model:
Anybody ever tried to create a WP theme with Foundation plus jQuery Isotope? Let me tell you it's a pain :-). Could be worth a tuts?
WP Tavern has an interesting take on a side effect of a community growing large: Respect…
Few changes in my #TV best seller list for January: Let's see what this year's #CES brings,
Happy New Year! My New Year's resolution for this year is 1080p. Last year was 720p :-).
Buying a TV - Part Four - Motion Blur and Phasing Out of the Refresh Rate: via @YouTube
I'm so glad I've got a daytime job! I don't have to watch daytime #TV! :-)
Computers can never replace humans. They may become capable of artificial intelligence, but they will never master real stupidity
RT @PCMag The Hidden Agenda of,281… I love to code! Does that make me dumb? ;-)… #Bitcoins are coming down. Never understand why people went for it. To me it was just another tulip mania.
Previous link to the XBox 360 clip was wrong. This is the correct one: via @YouTube - Unboxing - Microsoft Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle: via @YouTube
With the recent #Chromebook bashing by #Microsoft, I thought I put up a list of articles by the tech pros:
Buying a TV - Part Three - Screen Resolution and Refresh Rate: via @YouTube