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Other people attempt to use ambitious schemes to lure you away... More for Capricorn
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Locating the source of your uneasiness is complicated today, b... More for Capricorn
You may feel unsettled by the cosmic cross-currents today beca... More for Capricorn
You may be disappointed with yourself if you don't meet all yo... More for Capricorn
You don't want to be caught up in an intense whirlwind of acti... More for Capricorn
Your hard work could be for naught today if you let a bad atti... More for Capricorn
You're typically not that comfortable revealing your vulnerabi... More for Capricorn
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You may be feeling a bit of anxiety today that's coming from a... More for Capricorn
There is a shift of power subtly transforming your life, thoug... More for Capricorn
If someone pushes you too hard today, they may be surprised ho... More for Capricorn
You can't afford to be lazy today just because you believe tha... More for Capricorn
It's possible to delay an inevitable confrontation for a day o... More for Capricorn
Snoop Dogg can dress in a damn wig & make up & still be a G. Chris Bosh walk out the house in some shorts & a tank top, he gets called gay😭
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You might attempt to disregard your ever-changing emotions, bu... More for Capricorn
Retweet & we'll donate $1 (total donation $50k) to @KeepTBB @TampaBayWatch! Help us keep Florida's backyard beautiful. #FLfavorites
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When it comes to the matters of the heart some people just suck!
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Everything I say I stand up to it.
Go and follow @OMJeia now! #Shoutout
You feel as if everyone expects you to pull the right answers ... More for Capricorn
If you've been in an emotional funk lately, today could be a s... More for Capricorn
When the circumstances start getting tough and the weak of hea... More for Capricorn
Although your self-restraint is legendary, it may be a struggl... More for Capricorn
You are not content to hang out splashing around in shallow wa... More for Capricorn
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It's time to put on a little performance so you can show every... More for Capricorn
Kik me: cool peeps doe ifhil
@IFHIL at work attempting to get a bunch of shit done lol
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@IFHIL 😂😂😂😂 my 2 yr old nephew does that to me!
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Shout out to all my friends that get my twitter notifications. Cause I don't.
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And majority of the time it's "hey auntie wyd?" Or "aunt MeMe I want this" or "aunt meme can you take me to..." 😩
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If you a side nigga you can't catch feelings
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I spoil my little brother way too much sometimes😊
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I had the weirdest dreams last night.
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Tryna get braids so I don't have to deal with my fuckass hair!
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