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A sudden vision of your future could be the source of personal... More for Capricorn
Process any lingering tension you're feeling now while the amb... More for Capricorn
You are truly a force to be reckoned with today as your ruling... More for Capricorn
An excessive amount of stress could act as a powerful catalyst... More for Capricorn
You believe that you have a workable plan in place to fulfill ... More for Capricorn
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You want to run away from your current responsibilities and es... More for Capricorn
You're not interested in revealing too much of your plan yet, ... More for Capricorn
You may actually believe that you know all the intricate detai... More for Capricorn
Your outlook may be quite conservative today and your cautious... More for Capricorn
You aren't very interested in what anyone has to say about you... More for Capricorn
You display your battle scars with great pride now as the Mars... More for Capricorn
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Your attempts to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground m... More for Capricorn
If one of your friends comes to you with a proposition, you ma... More for Capricorn
You normally have a no-nonsense approach to relationships and ... More for Capricorn
Misreading the dynamics on the job today can send you on an ex... More for Capricorn
You Mountain Goats have the reputation of being among the most... More for Capricorn
You're not ready for how quickly things shift now that the evo... More for Capricorn
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It's wise to think twice before acting recklessly. Thankfully,... More for Capricorn
Although you may be lost in dreams about your future, events o... More for Capricorn
You're often a person that everyone confides in because you se... More for Capricorn
Facebook over twitter? #nah
You can hate that's okay with me.
I'm living on my own terms.
Memories that hearken back to long-forgotten failures, physica... More for Capricorn
Your physical energy is easily depleted today, especially if y... More for Capricorn
You may feel as if your emotions are settling down, but social... More for Capricorn
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Where is Christmas break?!!!
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You don't have to act so seriously today; you could change the... More for Capricorn
You're often the one who saves the day, but you won't become a... More for Capricorn
You have a real chance to shine now and it would be a big mist... More for Capricorn
You might have to work with a very stubborn person today, some... More for Capricorn
On my way to work so glad its #Friday
You're working harder than you like now, yet your heart might ... More for Capricorn
You may be paying rapt attention to what your peers are doing ... More for Capricorn
It's finally time to put your master plan into motion, even if... More for Capricorn
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You may be preoccupied with professional issues today and your... More for Capricorn
You can immediately see several reasons why someone's big plan... More for Capricorn
Getting to the bottom of what appears to be even the most triv... More for Capricorn
I think that this isn't rite and that they should be held accountable for their actions then stopped. #FreedomOfSpeechForAll
You're tempted to execute a power play in order to gain recogn... More for Capricorn
Your work plans could fall apart today as you watch the detail... More for Capricorn
Going to see #DraculaUntold tonight I'm so hype anyone seen it yet? #reviews
Sometimes the world doesn't need a needs a MONSTER #DraculaUntold