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ife mokwunye
If you did not have this, you were not prepared for entrance exams #GrowingupNigerian #UgoCUgo
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#GrowingUpNigerian Lowkey these two restaurants were competing but Mr Biggs won cause of supa strikas
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Why settle for average when you can be the best
#akposjokes: "While checking the wedding invitation together, She suddenly said to Akpos, "Come and keep me..."
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It's over, I'm like 24 hours late but sha it's over. I'm gonna miss all of you. # Mavericks 99
Serena Williams notches career title No. 61. Our recap of her latest Stanford title here >>>…
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God please give me patience, if you give me strength I will just punch them in the face.
"Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity."
Come to think of it. Why the hell is abbreviation such a long word.
Will Smith's house is so big you can run away and still be at home
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Good morning people.
#akposjokes: "A man who was out of job, walked down to a zoo to seek for a job, he discovered that the zoo had an..."
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You don't like my swag? You don't like the way I dress? Well go stand in line with the other people that I'm not trying to impress.
I never changed though, I'm just the new version of Old me. #Fresh#°°°Punchline◆
#akposjokes: "...Later that night, it rained heavily. It was so cold that Akpos wanted to perform his manly duty..."
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Im back for a week
#akposjokes: "...He asked the lady, "Do you have a vagina?"She slammed the door in disgust.The next morning she..."
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#AkposJokes Akpos, just getting home from school runs up to his dad, "Daddy, daddy! I'm the only one in my
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#akposjokes: "Akpos went to a night club, and when he got home the following conversation ensued.MUM: Akpos, where.."
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#akposjokes; "OCHUKO: I don't understand those couples that fight and a minute later change their facebook status..."
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#akposjokes: "A Doctor was giving speech on alcohol DOCTOR: People you know alcohol kills slowly...AKPOS: Who told.."
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#AkposJokes Akpos' pastor added him on Facebook and he innocently accepted. Two minutes later, a message came…
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#akposjokes: "Akpos: Happy Birthday SweetieGirl: Thanks so much baby...So what's my birthday gift?Akpos:(pointing).."
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#top3akposjokesoftheweek: No.1 Untimely Confessions by @AgboolaAbdulsa1 "...(Feeling sober and guilt filled upon..."
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some magicians walk on water but i swim on land
find it very hard to sleep
Back to nigeria now,thank God
On my way back to Nigeria#FreeBandz#
Yo fellow birds,BUENAS NACHOS
Good directory of twitterers.
If dis is really mornin,why is it all dark.
#Swag quote#1.believe in your flyness,conquer your shyness.
playing with bubblewrap,actually childish but quite fun
I am sleep tweeting
So sorry for galasataray
I no grab dis twitter sef
Went to a new church today household of god
Hi,everybody,i'm new here

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