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imran khan
Terrorist Air strike 4 boys killed. playing #football in #Gaza today. Father! dear World! Plz don't care about it.
Dear SaudiArabia! We wanna tell you! Bombing on us #Gaza Oh! Sorry for Disturbing You! #GazaUnderAttack #PrayForGaza
Europe! Thanks 4 the Protests against Isreali Aggression, We MuslimUmmah have fasting, We are tired plz don't disturb
Promoting Donation for #IDPs - Twitter & Facebook Header images download from here… - #Donate #Pakistan Zarb-e-Azb
Twitter & Facebook Header images to Promoting Donation for IDPs Download Here… - #Donate #IDPs #Pakistan #MyIDPs
i Create! Social Media Header, for Promoting to Donation for Pakistan IDPs You! Can Also Download FromHere… . #MyIDPs
BIG! News in #Tech History.. World's First Scent-Based Apps Lunch with Mobile Device Called #oPhone & #oNotes
RT. Black Magic Possible? Via Social Media Photos - #SocialMedia AlArabiya
Saudi Arabian Authorities Said they're Testing Cadbury Chocolates for traces of pork DNA after world-wild doubt..
Awkward Moment for #US Army Now! #Taliban Release Video Tape of Bowe Bergdahl When they Handover.. #Afghanistan
I'm listening - Facebook ^_^ Now @facebook can listen to everything..
Shocking News! Google is a CIA Project Says President Putin. But World Need to Confirmation from #Anonymous Groups
in GCC Countries, #UAE is leading in Online-Shopping Trends.. according to the MasterCard @MasterCardNews
Today i took a Stand Against Mass Surveillance by the NSA. Will you join me? #StopTheNSA
The IMEI is Transmitted into the Air with the Phone Number, both are Metadata .. Drone Strikes NSA Story #firstlook
Real-time Drone Strike base App approved from Apple, after 5 times Rejections develop by @joshbegley Metadata+
Cancer Cases are Expected to increase 57% Worldwide in the Next 20 Years according to the World Health Organization
Facebook 10th Birthday? or 10 Year Milestone?... learned from Mark Zuckerberg. #SocialMedia #Tech
Pakistan's Truck Art masters fear end of NATO mission: #Pakistan #SindhFestival #Islamabad
Explore Unlocking #ChinaLeaks Database, 37000 Tax Havens Clients from China, Hong Kong in the ICIJ Offshore Leaks
Hey, Could you take a look at this Jelly question? Maybe you can help answer it. Thanks! - @iEmranKhan
Checkout The 25 Most Common Passwords of 2013 Which One is Yours
Highest Rated Movies Worldwide in 2013 by @IMDb Pakistani film #Waar is at No 1 with 9.2 Rating - #Pakistan
How Could i Get Some Experience if No One Gives me a Job? - Saifullah - IT technician as fish cleaner #UAE #Pakistan
Celebs, Companies even US State Department Bought Bogus FB likes, Followers, YouTube Viewer from Offshore Click Farms
Your Restaurant Solution App. Wow User interface Get free Trial! Menu & Ordering #Apps @devbatch
i think! year 2014 give a Hard Time to entire World from Hacktivism side, Cuz they started from 1st day. #Anonymous
NSA can Turn Your iPhone into a Spy #NSA Planted Malicious Software on iPhone, according to a leading Security expert
Top Google Search Trends in 2013 via interactive 3D Map by cities around the World…
China Internet Market has become the World Biggest E-commerce Market. Their next Target is US then rest of the World.
2013 Was the Year of Google Why! Coz for 7 Reasons
Australian Photographer @KrystleWright She injured while on a Photo-shoot of The Karakoram Mountains in Pakistan
Thank You! **** Gen. Kyani **** You Did Great Job! Nation Salute You! #CJCSC #Pakistan #Army
These Birds Walk ..a doc­u­men­tary of Runaway Boy.. Opens this Friday at Los Angeles #Edhi #Pakistan #Karachi
Behind Every Mission There is a Story! ICUBE-1 Satellite of Pakistan -…
Pakistan JF-17 Thunder Catch the Eye at Dubai Airshow #UAE #Pakistan #DXB13
World's Fastest Spy Plane (6 times Fastest of sound) 70 Miles per Minute -
America's Drone Wars UNMANNED @Jemima_Khan Drone Based Documentary Premiere 2day #Pakistan
Test-Tube Babies Now Halal. Declared by Islamic Council Pakistan (ICCP) But in 2 Conditions & with Islamic Principles
We'll Pay Cash in $ if You can Poke a Hole in the INTERNET, #Microsoft and #Facebook Says - #Hackers
Obama & UN Says Drones only Target Enemies of US It's Not True! See New Documentary #Drone #Pakistan
World's Oldest Planned City #Mohenjodaro is Being Rapidly Corroded by Salt & Could Disappear within 20Years #Pakistan
Twitter ex Jack Dorsey, Facebook hire? It nearly happened
The #NSA is Trying to Crack #Tor. and The US State Department is Helping Pay for it l WaPo The Switch