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I wish work could close like school do when it snow cus aint I ain't tryna drive tomorrow 😒😂
D-Rose was the nigga at school that went to the nurses office just to sleep on the bed 😂
Who gotta deck ? DM ..
Home alone 1 & 2 will always be fire.!!🔥 3 was alright and nobody even knows 4 exists cus it's trash .
Females only settle for "Nice Guys" after they done got ran through, treated like shit and years of getting Ray Riced !😂
I like the snow fr👌❄️ it's nice to look at & symbolizes NEW beginnings to me💯✔️
Drake x Heat Of The Moment 🔥👌
Being wealthy or Just.Over.Broke is the difference between a JOB and a CAREER..let that sink in 💯✔️
This The Time Of Night Bitches Sending Nudes To They Side Niggas While They Baby Dad & Children Are Sleep ! 👀
He's arguably no doubt The GOAT for this 😂😂�
Why is it so hard to find a female to pick me up, buy me dinner, hold the door open for me & tell me I'm handsome ? smh #MeministTwitter
When I go to work wearing cargo pants females just stare at my dick print, smh have some respect & quit being pigs😒#MeministTwitterr
I can't deal with people who wear they fitted's to the side, smh I ain't seen that since '02 smh
I don't know why people flame lightskin girls foreheads when its black girls out here looking like Luol Deng without they weave.! 🌚
The Media Will Use Anything To Flame Kobe..But How Many Of Them Field Goals Got Him Rings And Victories? smh ..
Kevin gates and Gudda Gudda look like brothers and they both trash .😂
J.Cole needa to hurry up & drop an album asshole .
@gabriellagenene: “@iDiickSlapEr: Ladies: Quote This With Ya Hair Curly 👀❤️🙈😉”😍😍😍
All these curly heads in my mentions🔥😍👀
Ladies: Quote This With Ya Hair Curly 👀❤️🙈😉💇
Somewhere Someplace, Its A Bitch Waking Up In Some Random Niggas Bed While They Baby Dad At Home Getting They Kid Ready For School .
Bet If I Went To McDonalds And Asked For A McGriddle, They'll Be Like "We Stopped Selling Breakfast, Would You Care For A BigMac Instead Smh
This the time of night niggas swear they getting rich..nigga get off ur phone and get ya ass back in the assembly line before u get fired 😂
Niggas be on the Call Of Duty mic telling they life problems..nigga shut up & kill the enemies, we down 10 kills with 3 minutes left fam .
Some 6'4 girl was talking bout establishing a relationship..I told her cut that sweet shit & catch this hail mary, we down 6 points.!😂
Découvrez la nouvelle gamme de produits audio de @vertu. Plus d'infos →
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Stay safe and remember it's a 1 and a million chance lightning will strike you just like your mixtape links in my mentions cus y'all suck.!
This nigga bouta dunk in the pussy like his graphic t-shirt..he ready to dive out the FriendZone & hit the end zone 😂
The unlockable zombie character dumb fr cus once ppl get hip everyone gone have it, I've seen like 10 niggas with it in a 16 player lobby .
When you go to sleep and wake up 14 hours feel like you slept your goals away 💤😢😂
@Caleb_Coleman_: @iDiickSlapEr follow back your account is food asf💯” if my account is "food" meaning fire🔥 then good look fam !😂
I fucked a Mexican girl once & nutted quicker then chris brown died on stomp the yard..🐱💦😍💃
Since when are ppl so excited for veterans day ?? You don't even get a day off work .
I accidentally bumped into a Puerto Rican girl the other day & ended up with 3 children & 7 missed child support payments 😳😢
Jay-z Should Buy Up All The Parody Accounts So We Don't Have To See Them Faggot Ass Inspiration Quotes .
Darkskin girls taste like carmax and a bad attitude .
So easy an Ebola can do it .
Niggas On Here Got More Retweets Then Kanye With These Tweetdecks & Hootsuits.! 😂
This the time of night niggas swear they get rich not sleeping but really at Gas Usa moving regi bags & Asking for change .
@SpokenFlip: I hate people” <<< I was jus sayin lol
People ain't shit man ✔️
If someone doesn't relieve me to use the restroom Ima hit someone with this 2 piece Popeye special.! 👊😒
Niggas on here getting more RTs then Kanye because they in like 50 tweetdecks & hootsuits .
Some dude came thru my job wearing a bears shirt..I had no choice but to tell him how the packers went in that ass .!
Black girls with red hair look like a burnt little mermaid 🌚🍒🔥
If a white girl say we fighting ima be like "Oh Forreal" & laugh but if a darkskin girl do Ima post up & bless her with this 2-piece fader🌚👊
When your friend beat you nonstop in Mortal Kombat when u were little you had no choice but to turn the game off & hit him with a 2 piece.!