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John Carmack
I would actually pay for a lot of pay-wall sites if they supported Amazon one-click.
Spent all day hunting an issue I was SURE was camera to IMU offset. Turned out the camera calibration was a full angle, not a half angle.
Android's new Camera2 interface in L looks great, I am looking forward to working with it. Hooray for accurate timestamps!
Even more than most things, the challenges in computer vision seem to be the gulf between theory and practice.
It is only a matter of time before I wind up accidentally headbutting my desk hard while working on inside-out tracking for mobile.
In the last week, I have been impacted by uninitialized variables and array overruns. We still write more software in C/C++ than we should.
I am rather pleased that the Libertarian Party of Texas started taking Bitcoin donations on my recommendation.…
I think I can avoid doing Gaussian blurs for tracking work by forcing the camera out of focus.
Spent half day refactoring my focus-of-expansion code to properly handle infinities. Didn't actually help my data, but felt good.
Having a mini-fridge next to my desk is useful for cooling down phones after I cook them doing experimental vision work.
My son is going through "Learn Unity for 2D Game Development". It recommends making every sprite 4096x4096. I am deeply appalled.
Walking around with pass through AR running an edge detection filter is a trip. Live in an ink pen drawn world.
Oculus Dallas is neighbors with Pyro, the agency behind some of the classic Id advertising. One of the Hexen props:
Obviously I never played Fable...
Occasional permanent scarring that doesn't disappear with the next healing spell would be an interesting avatar element for RPGs.
Needed a rotary table, so fancy spice rack donates body to Science.
Virginia Postrel says Peter Thiel is wrong about the future:…
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RANSAC makes perfect sense to me, but extended Kalman Filters still look like voodoo magic.
@ID_AA_Carmack We are having a Dallas based VR dev day focused on problem solving in VR. Its BYOC! Can we get a RT?
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Building the scaffolding around a Really Hard Problem almost always diminishes the size of it.
Sometimes, explicitly thinking deeply about a problem is just a ploy to avoid starting on some mundane work.
Reading H.G. Wells in an old leather bound book, but thinking it would be better on Kindle for one-touch definitions of century old phrases.
Disconcerting reading FastCV docs talking about 128 bit alignment. Is this another case of some pedant saying "not ALL bytes are 8 bits!"?
Feeling vaguely unsure if using !! to coerce a bit flag to a bool is concise or needlessly obscure.
Just finished Diamond Age again, 20 years later. Most of the book read better later in life, but the ending was still terribly random.
"The language of experiment is more authoritative than any reasoning: facts can destroy our ratiocination--not vice versa" -- A. Volta
Lots of talk about movies in #VR just now - here's something I wrote on @cstross ' s blog a while ago about that -
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I need to treat computer vision primitives like rasterization -- it is educational and fun to write your own, but the leverage lies higher.
I wonder if you could hydraulically jack up skyscrapers as an energy storage mechanism.
that sinking feeling when you find out that assert() is a no-op even in your debug builds
With all the heterogenous processors and memory spaces in a SoC, modern mobile architectures look rather like the much maligned Sega Saturn.
You can prematurely optimize maintainability, flexibility, security, and robustness just like you can performance.
The habit of making a reciprocal variable to avoid dividing twice probably sacrifices readability when performance isn't a concern.
Dredged up by @Jonathan_Blow , a coding post I made on a private list >7 years ago, with a bit of new commentary:…
Considering what rendering styles could be well expressed with a completely static command buffer that just takes buffer object updates.
I wonder if profiles formed by surface tension on molten plastic under various accelerations could make better microlenses than molding.
John Carmack’s Brilliant Oculus Connect Keynote Goes ‘off Message from the Standard PR Plan’
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Most extraordinarily successful people I know are either (a) extraordinarily empathetic or (b) extraordinarily oblivious to others.
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A lot of people are baffled by my excitement about high quality panoramic photography in Gear VR, but I think the cottage industry takes off
It seems like there should be more overlap between computer vision and video compression than there is.
Optimizing for power and thermal brings entirely new dimensions to performance, but it seems to be all about fighting hard for small gains.
The preferred solution for not noticing your reflection on shiny surfaces in VR is avoiding shiny surfaces, not more dynamic rendering.
Thinking about the mechanics of cloud seeding on the flight back -- so many engineering problems are scatter or gather operations.
It is unfortunate that "fraction of a specific system" is often the most precise way to say the amount of processing work something takes.
It would be interesting to try to "perceptually optimize" a pass through AR experience for a subtle augmentation, versus blatant annotation.