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John Carmack
In FFTW release notes: "Added stack-alignment hack necessary for gcc on Windows/i386. We will regret this in ten years" :-)
APIs should never use roll / pitch / yaw; too many questions about order and sign. Explicit forward + right vectors are better.
Trying to do audio work while a construction crew is literally using a jackhammer outside my window. :-(
"Working with the latest Oculus Rift HW & SW" in the GDC 2014 vaults:
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My talk, "Developing VR Experiences with the Oculus Rift" is in the GDC 2014 Vault, free for all:
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Unbelievable: this is the output of a realtime demo that is only 64kb in size, released yesterday:… (h/t @paniq)
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Game numeric stats seem to be drifting to a bimodal distribution -- either small integers like hearts, or 100s / 1000s. 10s less fun?
I often feel bad that I have zero experience with relational databases. Big gap in my skill sets.
Whee - smoking gun of SerComm (manifacturing components for Cisco, Linksys, Netgear) backdooring routers:…
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When you are in a hurry, and you know you wrote the exact needed code (well!) at a previous job, reimplementation grates.
People selecting on-hold music for phone systems clearly (ha!) have no concept of passbands.
I'm going to talk at SMU next Friday:… Open to the public, so feel free to stop by.
I could never be too outraged about piracy -- I owe @RichardGarriott and @BillB for some 8 bit Apple games from my youth.
Every once in a while, someone gives me $20 for the games they pirated in their youth.
Low level network programming often itches for scatter / gather interfaces to avoid copies, but few applications actually justify the mess.
I want millisecond level mic to speaker processing latency so you can echo locate in VR with your own voice.
.@nelhage So before you add a feature, ask and answer true: What happens when this feature Comes back just to bite you?!
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.@nelhage let's sing the attack surface song! A feature is forever, rather like a pet~ Features bite and features take whatever they can get
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Has anyone written an audio engine pedantic enough that it simulates a sonic boom? @rygorous ?
My finished Rage set of 4K rendered screenshots with 64x MSAA. Full camera control :)… @idSoftware
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Sometimes I wish audio was encoded in one pixel per scan line of the video output and really, truly synced up.
have any VoIP systems used pitch shifting to tread closer to the jitter limit?
Publicly complain about net software still being written in C/C++, then start a new server with #include <WinSock2.h>. #personalfail