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John Carmack
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The Oculus Mobile SDK is officially live! Learn about the Mobile SDK, Oculus Home, and more:
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Best case wallpaper for computer vision feature detection.
Oculus Dallas is neighbors with Pyro, the agency behind some of the classic Id advertising. One of the Hexen props:
Needed a rotary table, so fancy spice rack donates body to Science.
SpaceX is returning human spaceflight to US soil w/ Crew Dragon. Excited to fill these seats!…
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Join us on 9/20 for a livetream of keynotes for #OculusConnect starting at 9:30 am PDT!
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Very happy with this. A procedural version of the first area of Doom E1M1 in @Shadertoy.
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The lines are all perfectly level. C'mon brain you can do this
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Store failed to take DVD from antitheft case. Turns out you can spring the catches with a pair of rare earth magnets.
Many years ago, I was told by lawyers that I could be arrested in Germany due to Wolf 3D. Better now, right? :-) #IFA
Special thanks to Samsung's Gear VR team and @MauriceRibble at Qualcomm for enabling @ID_AA_Carmack voodoo magic!
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If nobody has done it before, I dub this the "tangram transform". The resolution bubble is currently crude.
Not sure how many of you remember when Daikatana came out, but we hope this makes you chuckle
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Picked up a 1925 World book set at an estate sale to go with my 1995 Britannica. Delta knowledge.
I love this scratch built paper tape reader. But where to get the paper tapes?
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I teach a retro AppleSoft computer lab for son and friend on Sundays. On the whiteboard: D&D, encryption, hangman.