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John Carmack
My son's first video game, made with #unity :
Gave @trent_reznor a demo of some new VR tech before the NIN show tonight. He totally gets it.
I wish I had "pixel string" that I could wind onto interesting curved display geometries.
A great many static libraries would be more easily used a single source file to add to projects. Reevaluate revulsion at high LOC in a file.
I am still not entirely comfortable with monstrous C++ header files as library replacements, but I am seeing more value in the approach.
Enjoyed Rhesus Chart by @cstross. Feel lowbrow confessing to liking Laundry & Merchant Princes more than some of his more serious works.
Have there ever been ion beam (or other time-consuming process) etched cores made that were a generation or more ahead of commodity?
An EGL_CONFIG_ID is not an eglConfig, even though they may both be identical small integers on some drivers.
I wonder if an anechoic room would be a good coding environment.
Whenever I come across a serendipitous bit of information I consider how much I must be missing due to the limited time horizon of memory.
Picking up the ir camera and moving it around while wearing a DK2... do not recommend.
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For most offline work, I usually dodge picky filter kernel shape issues by just rendering 16x pixels with bilinear and downsampling.
If nobody has done it before, I dub this the "tangram transform". The resolution bubble is currently crude.
A stereo image aware video codec is an interesting problem. Constrain motion vectors to the same vertical offsets in each eye?
Wanted to look up abs() in man pages. Google "man abs" did indeed bring up the man page as the top text hit, but the images were unexpected.
Take a 2:1 aspect image, cut second half into 4 tris, reassemble and rotate into a larger 1:1 square. Using for panorama res optimization.
There must be a huge number of programs with subtle errors due to the fact that the C-family % ("mod") operator is actually a remainder.
Surprisingly, I only just found recently. The motion and music add more than I expected to the experience!
I always feel a bit of frisson when I notice diffraction patterns on man made items -- the fact that we are building at the scale of light.
Wasted hours on something that turned out to be a bad USB cable. Sigh.
I would like to put a random Google Android engineer on a raw win 7 machine, and see how long they take to debug step into a trivial C prog.
I really wish Android native dev tools set up as easily as iOS tools. The absence of device provisioning is some compensation, but still...
Onboarding at Facebook went well. I continue to have a very positive view of this -- I think it is going to be amazing for VR.
My Oculus Connect talk next month will be filled with much more gritty technical details!