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John Carmack
Puzzled for a bit why a 2x2 single channel checkerboard texture was wrong until I remembered GL's default 4 byte row alignment.
TIL about the Doherty Threshold: < 400ms response time addicting; > 400ms painful. (old paper still very true to...
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"Large Scale C++ Software Design" summarizes the entire 800 page book in a 20 page appendix, which makes for easy later review.
I would love to see C++ resyntaxed in a modern, enlightened way that leaves semantics unaffected. One such proposal:
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Multi context GL work with async reads to PBOs on a mobile GPU is at least plausible grounds for a driver bug, but nope--copy paste error.
Yearly reminder:… and OpenGL's binding point object model is terribly bug prone. Sigh.
I do still think there is a niche for a simple little bit of PD C code that just does a quality resampling of 32 bit RGBA images.
If anyone is curious, I did wind up using the CImg library for resampling. Touch of pain on Android due to C++ issues, but nice interface.
So used to Bluetooth, bit of a start to see that the lone person in animated conversation walking towards you ... isn't wearing a headset.
@ID_AA_Carmack Just in case you didn't see this. We kind of held a LAN party in your honor, on top of a mountain.…
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Can anyone recommend a nice stblib-style (free, single file, portable, C interface) image resampling library?
It should be possible to recover some depth information from sufficient number of unstitched panorama source images. Save the sources!
I would use 24 bit RGB (vs 32 bit RGBA) textures a fair amount if they were actually 24 bits, and full performance.
Happy #QuakeCon everyone, sorry I'm not there...
If cryptocurrencies manage an end-run around established financial institutions, doing a similar job on civil law doesn't sound implausible.
Contract law should be turned into a formal language, with static analyzers and solvers. More Haskell, less Perl.
Every time I try to do something clever with analytically calculated texcoords, I wind up with some quad LOD calculation problem.
A bad night's sleep sometimes produces useful ideas the following day, but rarely quality implementation work.
Just as video files stop seeming so preposterously large, holographic light field rendering will start coming into vogue.
Unfortunately, that is the wrong advice for blocks with a large range; in those cases you should pick endpoints slightly inside the range.
Many DXT/ETC encoders collapse gradients to a single value when range across block < a 565 ULP; should have endpoints bracketing range.
Rotating tables sideways in the OpenGL specs is indefensible.
When people want to communicate by IM/forum/github/wiki/etc, and I ask to keep it in email, I suppose it is almost like asking for a fax.