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John Carmack
New C lib: stb_image_resize.h, public domain image resizing library by @VinoBS inspired by…
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In the age of cloud computing and acceptable node failures, I wonder if wafer scale integration could be ready for another try.
It is sort of eerie to write a decent sized block of C code that doesn't require the inclusion of a single header file.(vision / image proc)
@ThatTomHall @romero @ID_AA_Carmack Complete Keen Dreams source now released on Github: See README for who and how.
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Using the letter l as a variable name in numeric code is an accident waiting to happen.
I am so glad the internet allows me to look up things like… instead of deriving them myself.
"Solving problems you probably don’t have creates more problems you definitely do" - @mike_acton…
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I may be able to talk myself into buying one of these:…
Excited at the hope of some future $35 phone that can run a good VR experience. Perf will certainly get there, less sure about display.
It will be interesting to watch the engineering cultural changes with respect to optimization when Moore's law finally gives out.
It pains me to hear about GHz class systems with only 320x480 screens being sluggish and unresponsive. It is all a software problem.
If the $35 smartphones for the developing world were programmed like old game consoles, they could have 60 fps, super responsive interfaces.
The new Godzilla movie had way too many scenes that were annoyingly dark. Made me think of the original Doom 3... We brightened for BFG.
Incredibly proud of my colleagues, co-founders, and friends @brendaniribe and Michael Antonov on their gift to UMD.…
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Very happy with this. A procedural version of the first area of Doom E1M1 in @Shadertoy.
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Taking pictures through the lenses on a Gear VR, wondered where the terrible glare was coming from. IR proximity sensor for head-mount.
1/1.8" is such a strange measure for a camera sensor. Decimal or rational, make up your mind!
I wonder if there would be a benefit to using a rotated grid for the distortion correction rendering. Would make incremental slicing a mess.
Swivel chairs are the best way to play Gear VR. Want a little bluetooth actuator in them to give you a kick or drop for vertical feedback.
The lines are all perfectly level. C'mon brain you can do this
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My android quote is spreading out of context. Java dev on android is actually nice. C/C++ dev is where it lags well behind MS/Sony/Apple.
As I was moving the magnets around, I was thinking that a band saw would be safer... Powerful magnets are hazardous and malicious.
Store failed to take DVD from antitheft case. Turns out you can spring the catches with a pair of rare earth magnets.
I have two 110 adapters for my Tesla Roadster that have crapped out. Annoyingly, they have a security screw to prevent disassembly.
Actually, fuck it. @ID_AA_Carmack said things better than I can ever say, many years ago.…
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@casseveritt @ID_AA_Carmack Here's my recent talk from #Unite2014 on the same topic albeit brief (might want to RT):…
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For people interested in "asynchronous time warp": slide 17…
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Many years ago, I was told by lawyers that I could be arrested in Germany due to Wolf 3D. Better now, right? :-) #IFA
Special thanks to Samsung's Gear VR team and @MauriceRibble at Qualcomm for enabling @ID_AA_Carmack voodoo magic!
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We're thrilled to help reveal the Gear VR Innovator Edition, powered by Oculus! You can learn more on the blog here:…
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Take a few minutes and enjoy @ID_AA_Carmack's talk on the new Gear VR powered by @oculus from IFA today:…
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Hooray! Gear VR is no longer a secret project!
Do any industrial processes produce a large vacuum volume by expanding an empty piston or bellows volume, rather than pumping air out?
The book "The Knowledge: how to rebuild our world from scratch" is filling in several holes in my path-of-tech-development understanding.
I wonder if there is an appropriate phase change material that cell phones could be filled with to better sink and distribute heat.
Reading Plutarch debating historicity of Solon, who invokes Homer's tales of Ulysses, is an interesting feeling about layers of history.
I just released Chocolate Wolfenstein 3D (…). With CRT emulator to respect 4:3 ratio that most other ports don't have.
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If GPUs could rasterize the two stereo versions of a triangle at the same time, texture reads would cache almost perfectly.
It would be interesting to see a phone with a fiber optic faceplate instead of glass. Makes it look like there is nothing covering display.
Saw an old paper about doing CSG with homogenous coordinates to avoid problems with divides. Sort of want to visit the old BSP problems.
Does the record half meter long carbon nanotube act like the mono molecular blades of science fiction?
Batch ASTC texture compression would be a good candidate for a scalable web service. Considering compressing a few gigapixels of images.
Don't forget to actually donate after you do the #icebucketchallenge :
By @aras_p , my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: I challenge Robert Altman from Zenimax and Palmer Luckey from @oculus
Close mail, browser, and door. Brace for grim, all night bug hunt. Change one line, and everything works! :-)