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John Carmack
Low level network programming often itches for scatter / gather interfaces to avoid copies, but few applications actually justify the mess.
I want millisecond level mic to speaker processing latency so you can echo locate in VR with your own voice.
.@nelhage So before you add a feature, ask and answer true: What happens when this feature Comes back just to bite you?!
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.@nelhage let's sing the attack surface song! A feature is forever, rather like a pet~ Features bite and features take whatever they can get
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Has anyone written an audio engine pedantic enough that it simulates a sonic boom? @rygorous ?
My finished Rage set of 4K rendered screenshots with 64x MSAA. Full camera control :)… @idSoftware
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Sometimes I wish audio was encoded in one pixel per scan line of the video output and really, truly synced up.
have any VoIP systems used pitch shifting to tread closer to the jitter limit?
Publicly complain about net software still being written in C/C++, then start a new server with #include <WinSock2.h>. #personalfail
Heartbleed is a good goad to rewrite the trivial C++ packet server I just wrote in Haskell, or at least Java.
Less important today, but it was a shame we didn't have a data interface to the fixed bandwidth, high priority voice channel on mobile.
Just noticed that the reflection of an iPhone screen in a white tile wall displays an odd chromatic scintillation. Some polarization effect?
If someone wanted to optimize joules per flop on custom hardware with no regard for elapsed time, how low would the clock rate optimize to?
I wonder what the distribution of clock times across the net is nowadays. Prudence would assume still crazy random, but probably narrowing.
for ( ;; ) syntax still seems less clear to me than while(1), but code analysis favors it as not being an inadvertent bug pattern.
I'm an atheist, but I esteem many Christians for their integrity. I still think they are wrong.
The idea that someone can't have any integrity if they hold a position you disagree with is very, very damaging to discourse.
I finally started using to make my magic numbers, instead of just mashing down on the number keys.
Integrity is completely orthogonal to the positions held. Integrity may not outweigh resulting negatives, but it does have intrinsic value.
I respect @BrendanEich for not doing the craven belly crawl of apology when he was set upon by the mob.
I don't like STL much and rarely use it, but I do really like standards. The library situation with C++ is really a shame.
You don't use STL where you need max performance, but performance isn't the top priority for most code, even in games.
The near universal detest for STL in game development makes each studio's code a silo of private libraries, which is unfortunate.
Considering the merits of tagging messages with uncorrelated numbers instead of sequence numbers.
Don't ever use inout parameters. Const values in, mutable references out (when they can't just be returned).